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Mission/Quest Bastok San d'Oria Windurst
Mission 1 [Check] Cavernous Maws
Mission 2 [Check] Back to the Beginning
Quest [Check] The Fighting Fourth [Check] Steamed Rams [Check] Snake on the Plains
Quest [Check] Better Part of Valor [Check] Gifts of the Griffon [Check] The Tigress Stirs
Quest [Check] Fires of Discontent [Check] Claws of the Griffon [Check] The Tigress Strikes
Mission 3 [Check] Cait Sith
Quest [Check] Light in the Darkness [Check] Boy and the Beast [Check] Knot Quite There
Quest [Check] Burden of Suspicion [Check] Wrath of the Griffon [Check] A Manifest Problem
Mission 4 [Check] The Queen of the Dance
Mission 5 [Check] While the Cat is Away
Mission 6 [Check] A Timeswept Butterfly
Mission 7 [Check] Purple, The New Black
Quest [Check] Storm on the Horizon [Check] Perils of the Griffon [Check] When One Man Is Not Enough
Quest [Check] Fire in the Hole [Check] In a Haze of Glory [Check] A Feast for Gnats
Mission 8 [Check] In the Name of the Father
Mission 9 [Check] Dancers in Distress
Mission 10 [Check] Daughter of a Knight
Mission 11 [Check] A Spoonful of Sugar
Mission 12 [Check] Affairs of State
Mission 13 [Check] Borne by the Wind
Mission 14 [Check] A Nation on the Brink
Mission 15 [Check] Crossroads of Time
Quest [Check] Quelling the Storm [Check] The Price of Valor [Eks] The Long March North
Quest [Check] Honor Under Fire [Check] Bonds That Never Die [Eks] The Forbidden Path
Mission 16 [Check] Sandswept Memories
Mission 17 [Check] Northland Exposure
Mission 18 [Check] Traitor in the Midst
Mission 19 [Check] Betrayal at Beaucedine
Mission 20 [Check] On Thin Ice
Mission 21 [Check] Proof of Valor
Mission 22 [Check] A Sanguinary Prelude
Mission 23 [Check] Dungeons and Dancers
Mission 24 [Check] Distorter of Time
Mission 25 [Check] The Will of the World
Mission 26 [Eks] Fate in Haze
Quest [Eks] Beneath the Mask [Eks] Songbirds in a Snowstorm [Eks] Sins of the Mothers
Quest [Eks] What Price Loyalty [Eks] Blood of Heroes [Eks] Howl from the Heavens
Mission 27 [Eks] The Scent of Battle
Mission 28 [Eks] Another World
Mission 29 [Eks] A Hawk in Repose
Mission 30 [Eks] The Battle of Xarcabard
Mission 31 [Eks] Prelude to a Storm
Mission 32 [Eks] Storm's Crescendo
Mission 33 [Eks] Into the Beast's Maw
Mission 34 [Eks] The Hunter Ensnared
Mission 35 [Eks] Flight of the Lion
Mission 36 [Eks] Fall of the Hawk
Mission 37 [Eks] Darkness Descends
Mission 38 [Eks] Adieu, Lilisette
Quest [Eks] The Truth Lies Hid [Eks] Chasing Shadows [Eks] Manifest Destiny
Quest [Eks] Bonds of Mythril [Eks] Face of the Future [Eks] At Journey's End
Mission 39 [Eks] By the Fading Light
Mission 40 [Eks] Edge of Existence
Mission 41 [Eks] Her Memories
Mission 42 [Eks] Forget Me Not
Mission 43 [Eks] Pillar of Hope
Mission 44 [Eks] Glimmer of Life
Mission 45 [Eks] Time Slips Away
Mission 46 [Eks] When Wills Collide
Mission 47 [Eks] Whispers of Dawn
Mission 48 [Eks] A Dreamy Interlude
Mission 49 [Eks] Cait in the Woods
Mission 50 [Eks] Fork in the Road
Mission 51 [Eks] Maiden of the Dusk
Mission 52 [Eks] Where It All Began
Mission 53 [Eks] A Token of Troth
Mission 54 [Eks] Lest We Forget
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