He never knew who his parents were and maybe he'll never know... A long time ago a ship heading to Mhaura was packed with refugees, mostly people that lived in small camps in the Zulkheim region. They were escaping advancing hordes of beastmen setting up more and more camps in preparation for long campaigns against Bastok and San D'oria.

The boat was attacked by pirates who killed many onboard even though they fought back against the horrid undead machinations >:(

Alas the ship was not built for war and the people on board were not adventurers but they fought hard all the same to protect their families. The undead killed men women and children mercilessly. With only a handful alive left on board and the captain desperatly trying to steer the half wrecked ship to port they sighted Mhaura and the pirates fled rather then get to close to Mhaura and be blown out of the water by cannon fire.

(thats the explanation i have in my head as to why Mhaura and Selbina are safe from pirates lol, lots and lots of sea defense XD)

When the ship came into port there were many dead on board, including whole families that could not be named by the few survivors of a boat full of strangers.

The people of Mhaura helped to unload the reamining supplies of the ship and tend the survivors wounds. Amung the helpers was a Mithra girl, named Magrette, helping to move boxes out of the hold when she heard a cry... she found a baby hume boy still wrapped in a blanket whom she'd guessed had been hidden by his parents during the attack. She asked the survivors but non of them were his mother or father and none could say who they were. She didn't know what to do but she looked after him while the survivors grew healthy again. by the time the last had left Mhaura she had decided to raise him as her son, she had grown very fond of him and loved the small child :)

He grew up in Mhaura helping his mother with her work and doing chores. It was a happy childhood and although he suspected that Magrette wasn't his real mother he was happy all the same. When he was 16 she told him the story and what had happened but it did not matter to him, Magrette was his family as far as he was concerened.

some time later many boats began regularly crossing between Mhaura and Selbina and boy and mother made several trips back and forth taking Mhaura goods to sell in Selbina.

Fate can be very cruel, but once again the boy was in the middle of a pirate attack. Though he wanted to take up a sword and fight alongside the others, his mother held him back. As the pirates began to take the upper hand the mother and son ran to the upper deck, avoiding fire and rusted swords swung by the crossbones. Their appearance was sickening, their bones were putrid and seaweed hung off their damp ribs. When they reached the highest part of the boat they turned and saw Mhaura in sight Magrette turned to her son and said "We have to swim for it! Jump!" She pratically pushed him over the side. She jumped after him and they began to swim fantically away from the doomed boat. Moments later the fires got the better of the ship and it disappered into the sea. Through the blackness the Mother and son tried to swim hoping they were still heading the right way. They both grew tired and swam for a long time through the freezing water, desperate to live. When they thought they'd swum their last they saw a light and realised that Mhaura was near! They eventually made it and were rescued by the people of Mhaura.

The young lad made a full recovery but his Mother grew feverish and sick. Daily she grew worse and even though she fought she knew it wasn't going to be enough. She called her son to her side and said "I want you to go to Windurst and be an adventurer, like your Grandfather *cough* there aren't many male Mithra around anymore but... you have the heart of one my son *cough* stay with me a while now" The young lad couldn't say anything he knew his mother was dying and the words just wouldn't come out. He cried himself to sleep kneeling next to his mothers bed. When he awoke she had died and the people of Mhaura buried her on a hill in Buburima Penisula.

He hitched a ride with the next caravan towards Windurst and in few days he caught his first glimpse of the Leviathan Gate. The guards greeted the caravan and the young man. As the merchants and Gaurds chatted the young man walked through the gate into the great city unsure even where he would start.

One of the guards watched him go and asked the caravan leader "is he one of your workers?" He replied "oh him, no he's come to Windurst to be an adventurer", he shrugged and carried on with his work. The guard continued "an adventurer aye? lol he looks a bit skinny, whats his name?" "oh um its Caderyn." "Caderyn... wonder if he'll ever make anything of himself?"


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