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Background and Goals

I have been a player of Final Fantasy XI since (approx ~) Jun. 2004. My most notable achievements are my 75 Bst and 75 Blu. Currently working on obtaining all AF +1 pieces for Blu and Pld and working on the Pahluwan Body set through Assaults. My next goals are to get Cor to 75. Other goals for the future are to finish ToAU and ACP and to complete each Assault mission.


About Bricent

This user is an Elvaan.
Male This user is male.
This user plays on the Fenrir Server.
USAFlag This user plays from the United States.
PCimage2 This user plays mostly on a personal computer.
Pearl Sack Icon This user is a sack holder of the linkshell Circusfreaks.
Summons This user has obtained 8 of the 13 Avatars.
Besiege 02 This user valiantly protects the Astral Candescence by playing Besieged.
Vanadielworldmap This user's favorite area or region is Al'Taieu.
This user has completed Apocalypse Nigh and chose the Ethereal Earring.
AssaultQuests This user enjoys Assault.
This character has completed 20 out of 51 Assault Missions.

Job Status

Bstsmall This user is a level 75 Beastmaster.
Bluemage This user is a level 75 Blue Mage.
Palsmall This user is a level 75 Paladin.
Ninsmall This user is a level 75 Ninja.
Brdsmall This user is a level 75 Bard.
Puppetmaster This user is a level 50 Puppetmaster.
Corsair pic01 This user is a level 46 Corsair.
Whmsmall This user is a level 42 White Mage.
Rngsmall This user is a level 40 Ranger.
Drksmall This user is a level 37 Dark Knight.
Job st img01 This user is a level 37 Warrior.
Smnsmall This user is a level 36 Summoner.
Thfsmall This user is a level 37 Thief.
DNCJOBPAGE This user is a level 35 Dancer.
Rdmsmall This user is a level 25 Red Mage.
Drgsmall This user is a level 23 Dragoon.
Blmsmall This user is a level 22 Black Mage.
Mnksmall This user is a level 15 Monk.
Samsmall This user is a level 10 Samurai.
SCHJOB0 This user is a level 7 Scholar.

Endgame Activities

Goblin Replica Small This user enjoys Dynamis.
Goblin Replica Small This user has won 8 of the 10 Dynamis zones.
Limbus entrances This user enjoys Limbus.

Mission Status

This user is a Citizen of San d'Oria
Rank 10
This user has completed the Rise of the Zilart Missions and chose the Suppanomimi from the Divine Might Quest.
This user has completed CoP Mission Completed.
This user has completed Aht Urhgan Mission 35.
This character has completed Wings of the Goddess Mission 8.

Assault Mission Tracker

AssaultQuests This user enjoys Assault.
This user is a C rank Mercenary of Aht Urhgan.
Rank Leujaoam Sanctum Mamool Ja Training Grounds Lebros Cavern Periqia Ilrusi Atoll
PSC Leujaoam Cleansing CheckCheck Imperial Agent Rescue CheckCheck Excavation Duty CheckCheck Seagull Grounded CheckCheck Golden Salvage CheckCheck
PFC Orichalcum Survey CheckCheck Preemptive Strike CheckCheck Lebros Supplies CheckCheck Requiem CheckCheck Lamia No.13 CheckCheck
SP Escort Professor Clavauert CheckCheck Sagelord Elimination CheckCheck Troll Fugitives CheckCheck Saving Private Ryaaf CheckCheck Extermination CheckCheck
LC Shanarha Grass Conservation CheckCheck Breaking Morale XEks Evade and Escape CheckCheck Shooting Down the Baron CheckCheck Demolition Duty CheckCheck
C Counting Sheep XEks The Double Agent XEks Siegemaster Assassination XEks Building Bridges XEks Searat Salvation XEks
S Supplies Recovery XEks Imperial Treasure Retrieval XEks Apkallu Breeding XEks Stop the Bloodshed XEks Apkallu Seizure XEks
SM Azure Experiments XEks Blitzkrieg XEks Wamoura Farm Raid XEks Defuse the Threat XEks Lost and Found XEks
CS Imperial Code XEks Marids in the Mist XEks Egg Conservation XEks Operation: Snake Eyes XEks Deserter XEks
SL Red Versus Blue XEks Azure Ailments XEks Operation: Black Pearl XEks Wake the Puppet XEks Desperately Seeking Cephalopods XEks
FL Bloody Rondo XEks The Susanoo Shuffle XEks Better Than One XEks The Price is Right XEks Bellerophon's Bliss XEks
Current points earned toward next rank: 15/25
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