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I don't know what a preview button is :P

I intend to add much storyline dialog to FFXI Wiki :)


Ava, Avan, or Avant, for short.

History of a name:
The name can be divided into two ways.

AvaNent, roughly meaning concerning the 11th month.

VanEnt, A winged giant, or a fying opposer of the gods.

I'd like to see SE make a few changes XD

The Three Mage Adjustments

Some of these have been stolen and adjusted. This is how I would like to see them implemented.


Make whm better at what its suppose to do:

New Spell:

Altana's Blessing (revision to older idea)

Whm 50, Pld 65

- buff, all targets (mob or player)

- 1 minute duration, 5 minute recast

All white magic cast on target is ~10-25% more effective and gives target 10% (rounded up) mp of its mp cost.


Divine Veil (Separate this from Divine Seal)

Could also allow this to take aoe group spells and turn them into aoe alliance spells, as it takes singular spells and makes them aoe group affects.

Physician's Creed (or Healer's Dedication)

- buff, self target only

- 2 minute duration, 10 minute recast

Any successful -na spell grants the whm a refresh effect for the duration of half the spell's mp cost.

(Basically, a way for whms to reduce mp loss during battles where you have to cast a bunch of -na spells (or erase i'd include too) to get rid of status ailments. When ever a -na spell successfully removes a status ailment, white mage gains a short refresh effect (i was thinking duration of half the mp cost of the spell if able). So, if you cast Erase to remove whatever on your tank, you get 9 seconds of refresh.)

Mending Ambiance

- self buff, area of effect

- 1 minute duration, 20 minute recast

All cure spells cast by party in the area gain a residual effect, which can temporarily increase a characters maximum hp. During this time, any over curing due to cure spells (not including residual effect) will spill over and heal other party members.

Does not affect Curagas.


Healing mastery

- level 15, 40, and 65

+10% native healing potency


Let black mage do a little more than just deal damage with magic... Im thinking a slight bit of indirect magic-based hate control. They dont get to deal much damage now, might as well give them an extra role. Would also like to make them a bit more effective on magic with how unpopular they are now, without making them more effective in mana burns.


Give Blm Gravity (lvl 15, rdm gets all preexisting blm spells after blm does, including enfeebs) Don't want to call it gravity? Call it cripple.

(The idea isnt so much about enfeebling, but just indirectly controlling hate.)

(basically to slow target meaning tank has slightly longer to regain hate)


- enfeeble, 1 minute duration

If target walks or runs, enfeeble will cause a .5 second stun and expire. Small area of effect; if target is moving too fast, may miss as target no longer be in 'area of effect' upon completed casting.

(Just kind of an extension of the Gravity slow moving effect for indirect hate control.)


- enfeeble, 1 minute duration

Target's next spell(if cast within 1 minute of the debuff) will take 50% longer to cast.

(Sort of a magic counterpart for Stumble)

Keep in mind it already has stun and bind, with these three, it should be more apparent it can be used to help indirectly help hate control.

Elemental Shields (or elemental auras or whatever) (stolen originally from Omega_Hack XD)

- buff, self target only

Absorb magic damage of same type elements. Negate spells it is strong against. Magnifies spells it is weak too.


absorb: Blm casts fire shield, Bomb casts Fire, Blm gains hp for damage absorbed, fire shield wears off.

negate: Blm casts water shield, Bomb casts Fire, water shield negates damage, water shield remains if it hasn't taken too much damage.

magnify: Blm casts ice shield, Bomb casts Fire, ice shield magnifies damage dealt to blm, ice shield remains assuming blm is still alive.

(One for each element; light and dark only have light and dark, and would require higher levels to gain)

(If used right, could effectively participate in bird parties. Would have to fine tune to not allow abuse)


Combat Caster

- level 25

- duration: 1 minute, recast: 3 minutes

When active, a player's melee range is increased to spell casting distance when using clubs or staves. During this duration, int and mnd factors into the attacks accuracy and damage.


Black Art Mastery

- levels 20, 35, 50, 65

Black Magic: Greater spell accuracy and damage in parties with smaller numbers of Blm or /Blm (for example: +0.5 at 3 blms, +1 at 2 blms, +1.5 at 1 blm)

Magic Bursts: increased magic effectiveness and spell 25% less likely to be reflected.

(improve blm damage on potency in parties that care without aiding mana burns, and lets them do SOMETHING against birds)

(promotes rdm subbing blm and doing more than main healing, a blm main would almost never have magic bursts reflected)

(promotes more jobs experimenting with /blm if one isnt already in pt; also promotes skill chains, yay!)

This improved potency could also affect aspir and blm-only debuffs, as people complain they arn't useful enough. Hopefully this would be enough to let Black Mages be a contributing member of the game again, as well as give sch or rdm a reason for subing /blm in order to do some decent magic damage without being overpowering.




Make en- spells more skill based so they are better as the rdm increases in level.

Add Enlight and Endark (they could basically be the 'tier 2' versions people have requested)


Reduce healing ability for non-whitemages and non-paladins by about 20% potency. Can lessen the sting by subbing whm (due to trait bonuses). Giving paladins Altana's blessing in addition to whm will lessen the sting when rdm + pld while doubling the blessing affect for parties with both white mage and paladin. And ninjas dont need much healing anyways. Rdm's can gain improved DD magic through /blm; but then would submitting self to the full nerf of non-whm healing at their choice.

Sch would be affected slightly. I'd say adjust Light Arts to also improve healing potency by about 10% (if the light art skill increase doesn't already do so), so thus with lgiht arts and whm sub, sch would be almost equivalent to whm in main healing.