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Who is Ashleah

♫♫♫♪♪♪♪Hello, I am Ashleah.♫♫♫♪♪♪♪ I am from the Lakshmi. Basicly I love to kill mobs constantly. I hate farming. Right now i am trying to save up for a Brown Belt

Mission Status

I love missions, sometimes!

Windurst: Rank 0
San d'Oria: Rank 0
Bastok: Bastok Mission 6-2
Rise of the Zilart: Not Complete
Chains of Promathia: 4-4
Treasures of Aht Urhgan: 3

Job Levels

I love my monk job it's so much fun.

Monk 93.3% Lv70
Warrior 50.6% Lv38
Thief 20% Lv15
Ninja 9.3% Lv7
White Mage 2.6% Lv2


I like crafting. But it so expensive, that I have hardly leveled it at all.

Fishing 3 Amateur
Cooking 50 Appretice


San d'Oria Quests

Bastok Quests

Jeuno Quests

Outlands Quests

Other Quests

Current Armor

Head:Vampire Mask
Body:Scorpion Harness
Hands:Ochimusha Kote
Legs:Republic Subligar
Feet:Kung Fu Shoes
Back:Jaguar Mantle
Waist:Brown Belt
Neck:Spike Necklace
Ear:Fang Earring
Ear:Fang Earring
Ring:Sun Ring
Ring:Sun Ring

Gear and other Wants

Body:Jujitsu Gi-Poisonhand Gnadgad NM
Head:Temple Crown-Borghertz's Striking Hands For Chi Blast Level 64:Frenzy Sallet,75:Walahra Turban
Pants: Level 75Usukane Hizayoroi, or Byakko's Haidate Hands:Enkelados's Bracelets-Enkelados NM
Shoes:Kung Fu Shoes-Cactuar Cantautor NM
Hands: Temple Gloves
Neck:Peacock Charm- BCMN Under Observation or Argus NM
Belt: None
Earring:Fang Earring LVL 55
Ring:Woodsman Ring- ENM
Back:Jaguar Mantle-For the Birds or Amemet Mantle LVL 61

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