Ok this page is for my own reference, collating the info about salvage that I feel is important.


Entering requires a temporary key item, which you 'buy' from an npc (Zasshal) in WG. It costs 1500 assault points, which must all come from 1 area.

The key item will then let you into any of the 4 zones (it is lost on entry).


As it costs assault points to enter, to do salvage regularly requires a regular supply of assault points. So it maybe wise to form an assault static with your fellow salvagers.

Some assaults are better for points than others, most give 700-1100 points but one a lot of salvagers use is Red Versus Blue, this give 1500 points per win (with 4 or less people) and can be done very quickly and easily (with the right set up). So rather than 3 tags taking around 2 hours to use (3x 30min runs + 30mins set up), you could complete the 3 runs in an hour(ish). Red versus blue is a Second Lieutenant (Tier 9!) assault, so a lot of people wont be able to rely on this one.

Hardcore (Salvage orny!)

You will have 7 tags a week (8 if your captain rank). This means if you use all your tags on points for salvage you can get enough for 4-7 salvage runs per week, which would require 2 nights of assault, then the rest of the week would be salvage. This would exclude you from any Nyzul Isle Investigation runs or normal Assault gear.

Salvage Shell (with some other event/time off)

It would be possible to use 1 night of assaults for salvage points (earning you enough for 2-3 runs) and then the other nights tags can be nyzul isle or regular assaults.

So salvage doesn't have to stop you earning assault points for the assault gear or doing nyzul isle, but it will slow progress in those areas as you will need 30-50% of your tags to be used on fueling salvage (assuming 2-3 salvage runs per week).

Casual approach / Event shell

For a more casual approach (1-2 runs per week), allowing people to do other events etc. If the group is able to do assaults that give 1500+ points per run, one night of assaults can provide points for up to 4 runs; so you would only need to do assaults once every 2-4 weeks.


There are no set objectives; you can do whatever you want. There are no time extenders to farm (fixed 100min time limit), there is no difference between clearing the zone (killing the boss) and running out of time on floor 1. Therefore the only objective is to get people their gear.

This is both a good and a bad thing. It means the run can be dedicated to doing one thing E.G. killing one Slot NM or farming cards.

Sounds great, but this means that there WILL be runs were you are working towards drops that are not for you, and it could take a few runs to get. So it can require patients on the part of the members and good organization to avoid perceived 'favoritism'

Most groups will attempt to follow a route through the zone. This route should indicate what will happen on each floor:

  • Just try and get through the floor
  • Farm Cells (which cells and from which mobs)
  • Pop NMs
  • Farm cards

and how long you will stay there. Most zones bosses can be killed by 4-10 experienced players, more people normally means killing more of the NMs (or at least trying to pop them) on the way.

NMs, Drops, Drop rates

Right, the bit every one wants... Gear. To get your sexy piece of amour you need 3 rare/ex drops, from 3 different zones (and you have to get pop item for one of the NMs from the 4th zone).

A level 15 piece A level 25 piece A level 35 piece

  • The level 25 piece is only dropped by the zone mega bosses, they spawn on the top floor of each zone of the zones and take 4-6+ people to kill, all of which are Chariots.
    • The bosses always drop 2 pieces of armour
    • Drop rate on the bosses varies but depending on the item (8-40%)

The other 2 pieces drop from different mobs depending on which item they are

The lvl 35 piece always has a very low drop rate from an NM, most people will be waiting on the lvl 35 item to complete the item their set.

Legs and Feet

Level 15

  • Dropped by normal mobs, normally gears, but can be many other mobs (depending on the piece)
    • Drop rate is low, but you will kill a lot of these (think dynamis)

Level 35

  • Dropped by a pop NMs, the exact spawn condition varies (normally kill all the PHs)
    • Drop rate is very low on the pop NMs (2-15%)

Hands and Head

Level 15

  • Dropped by a pop NMs, the exact spawn condition varies (normally kill all the PHs)
    • Drop rate varies, but can be 100% on the pop NMs

Level 35

  • Dropped by a pop NMs, the exact spawn condition varies (normally spawned by a Rampart)
    • Drop rate is very low on the pop NMs (2-15%)


Level 15

  • Dropped by a Slot NM
    • All slot NMs have 100% drop rate

Level 35

  • Dropped by a pop NMs, the exact spawn condition varies (can be PH based, spawned by a Rampart, or based on a condition being meet e.g. completely clearing pathos off of one player.)
    • Drop rate is very low on the pop NMs (2-15%)

Cost of upgrading

Ok so you have got your 3 items, now you need to upgrade them. You will need a stack (x12) of a craft only item and 10 Imperial Gold Pieces (approximate value of 60-100k)

Piece Craft item Approx Price
Head Orichalcum Ingot x12 3.3 million
Body Imperial Wootz Ingot x12 14.5 million
Hands Bloodwood Lumber x12 1.1 million
Legs Wamoura Cloth x12 140k
Feet Marid Leather x12 170k

Ok, so the body is stupidly expensive and the head and hands are still pretty pricey. I would say the Feet and legs are very affordable; maybe they aren't the sexiest pieces in the set, but still some of the best pieces in the game for that slot.

The prices of salvage materials have gone up a lot in the last 6-8 months (legs used to cost ~40k).

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