My life for the kingdom. My blood for my enemy's. My soul for yours.
Well, some people out there may find the above stupid, while others may think it cool, and still others wouldn't give it a second thought... I find that online RPGs have taken a lot out of the name RPG (two of three letters is a lot in my book). I enjoy rekindling that old sense of role playing, and you may see me get a little fantastical with my writing sometime.

Gaming History

WARNING: The following may be extremely boring, scroll down to see things that are a little more relevant.
Behind the character:
My name is Joseph (20/m/Pennsylvania (for those who haven't seen my profile)), I use big words and am quite nerdy... my life is steeped in gaming. As a young child, one of my favorite past times was playing board games. When I was six, I broke my femur, and that's when I got into video gaming. My aunt and uncle loaned me a Gameboy (yeah the one that came out in 1989 (I think)) with a few games, two being Mario and Tetris. After my leg healed, we sent the Gameboy and games back. The next Christmas, I was introduced to a new platform, Nintendo 64... for the next three years I would play games including but not limited to: Mario 64, Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire, Mario Kart, Star Fox, Diddy Kong Racing, Star Wars: Rogue Squadron, Rampage: World Tour, Bomberman, and a game known as Mystical Ninja which for a game despite seeming childish had many drug references in it.
Three years later, I was introduced to another system: Playstation. It was on this system which I acquired my disliking of first-person shooters what with Rainbow: Six and Tomorrow Never Dies (In the future I would come to play Halo, not one of my favorites). Later in the following year, my cousin introduced me to another series of games that would make my roads (so far, 14 of them including X-2 and Tactics) long and filled with save points. The game that I started playing was Final Fantasy VIII (which remains to be my favorite of the FF series, but I haven't found an FF that I haven't really liked). When Christmas came around, my parents couldn't find VIII, so they got me IX, which had come out just recently at the time. Despite my not having any desire to get IX, I started playing it and I realized that this whole series of games may be good. I would soon buy VIII and get Tactics as a gift, and that was it, I was hooked.
Three more years would pass, in that time, I would ruin the three FFs that I owned with Gameshark and through its power beat VIII and Tactics both, twice, but I would soon find myself beating both without Gameshark. IX still remained unbeaten, but I would acquire two more games that year, the new power of the series, X and, the ever-popular and god-like, VII. I played VII to see what it was like and, after getting to Junon, and restarted my game. I told myself that I wouldn't play X until I beat VII-IX in order. After restarting my game again, this time due to VII being a used game and it starting to skip at the Cave of Gi, I said to hell with it and started playing X, and restarted my game at the Calm Lands. In time, I would find another copy of VII. I would beat Tactics, VII, VIII, IX, and X in that order followed by two more games that I would get, X-2 (Which some call the worst game Square has ever made. I think the storyline was good and enjoyed the workings of the job-system, but the way Square presented it made it seem a little gay...) and XII. When I beat XII, I went back and did it all again: Tactics, VII-X, X-2, then getting close to beating XII (after 180 hours) again when the power went out when I was saving, data lost. Then I tried to get into XI, but, due to my computer's lack of everything, I failed. I would eventually pick up FFOrigins and, after my most recent move (see profile), beat I (easily one of the hardest games I have ever played) and II.
The computer at my new location was better. I installed XI (August, 2008) and created my first character, Luden, who still remains today (see below). I would soon (January, 2009) buy a DS and III and IV for it, along with FFAnthology. I would beat III, IV, V, and recently VI. As it stands, from late May of 2008 to July 5, 2009, (today) I have played and beat I-VI in order. I've now started VII for the fourth time, and that's where my gaming history leaves off. It's good to be back into an entirely three-dimensional gaming world.
I also play D&D. I think that this contributes to my strong desire for some good role playing.
Well, now onto the relative stuff.

Job Levels

Preferred Job Combination: Dark Knight/Paladin

Job Unlocked Level Progress Percent
 Bard (?) CheckCheck 20
 Beastmaster (?) CheckCheck 10
 Black Mage (?) CheckCheck 20
 Blue Mage (?) CheckCheck 10
 Corsair (?) CheckCheck 25
 Dancer (?) CheckCheck 20
 Dark Knight (?) CheckCheck 70
 Dragoon (?) CheckCheck 10
 Geomancer (?) XEks 1
 Monk (?) CheckCheck 20
 Ninja (?) CheckCheck 20
 Paladin (?) CheckCheck 40
 Puppetmaster (?) CheckCheck 20
 Ranger (?) CheckCheck 10
 Red Mage (?) CheckCheck 25
 Rune Fencer (?) XEks 1
 Samurai (?) CheckCheck 20
 Scholar (?) CheckCheck 20
 Summoner (?) CheckCheck 20
 Thief (?) CheckCheck 20
 Warrior (?) CheckCheck 35
 White Mage (?) CheckCheck 20

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EnhancingMagic This user has an Enhancing Magic skill of level 62.
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