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Hello, and welcome to the Userwiki for Anobi. The information presented below pertains to my main character, Tsurara. I also have an alternate character named Rhazalk that I have begun leveling. I decided to level a second character mainly to have one solo-ready and one party-ready character on hand at the same time. Which character fills which roll varies depending on the situation.

  • Update! I have a second working computer now, and a second account! Say hello to Matheais! I shall hopefully groom him to be an all-purpose accessory.

I have a full-time job with evening hours, so I can't really get on to play much anymore. Still, I haven't given up my love of FFXI. The majority of my time is spend on Grounds of Valor, Crafting, and/or organizing my inventory.

Tsurara of Asura

For a comprehensive list of my progressions, see User:Anobi/Sandbox

Main Job:


Other Jobs:

Thief, White Mage, Dragoon

Sub Jobs:

Black Mage, Warrior, Summoner, Ranger, Dancer


  • DynamisLordsII (inactive)

Bastok Missions

An Explorer's Footsteps Checklist

Lu Shang's Progress

1,692 of 10,000 carps redeemed.

Sky Chaos

When I first joined a Sky Linkshell, I found getting around in Ru'Aun, Ve'Lugannon, and Ru'Avitau to be very confusing. There are guides and maps out there, but they all imply that the reader has some knowledge of what the zones and islands are called, or what zone leads to which monster. My objective here is to make a Sky guide for people who don't have maps and don't know where things are; a step-by-step how-to for Sky. I have tried to make things easy by providing a list of key terms for easy reference. Do know that different Linkshells may have their own terms for things, so make sure to learn the lingo of your specific shell.

First off: An Overview

There are 5 total zones in Tu'Lia, but only 3 that an endgame Sky LS like yours really cares about:


In Ru'Aun Gardens, there are 5 main islands, none of which have official names so for reference I have assigned them my own names. You zone in from the Hall of the Gods onto a tiny island, but then hop over to the first island, which I call "Kirin's Isle." Why? Well, it's the biggest, and it contains the zone that takes you to Kirin. Kirin's Isle is the first island in a circle of 5. Clockwise from left, we have Suzaku's Island (Suzaku's the guardian of the South,) Byakko's Island (Guardian of the West,) Genbu's Island (guardian of the North,) and Seiryu's Island (guardian of the East,) before ending back on Kirin's Isle. Each of these four islands contains a warp that takes you to the tiny island containing the spawn point for the god that they are named after. I.E. Genbu's island zones to Genbu's spawn point. The only god for which this system breaks down is Byakko: you can't actually get to him from the main circle, you have to go through The Shrine of Ru'Avitau. To me, this actually makes sense, since his spawn location is the only one that does not correspond with his direction: Byakko is the Western constellation, yet Suzaku's spawn point is farther West than his.

  • Kirin's Isle - This island has three entrances to Ru'Avitau on the north side and two entrances to Ve'Lugannon Palace on the south side. The center entrance to Ru'Avitau goes no where, and both entrances to Ve'Lugannon can take you to Brigandish Blade. This is also the island where Despot spawns, so if your Sky leader says to Gather at Despot, head towards the center entrance, (the big one, that looks like the opening to Fei'Yin.)
  • Left Ru'Avitau - This takes you to Kirin's spawn point. From the center entrance, go West and down a ramp, zone in. Follow someone else through the warps until you reach the correct room. One of the warps has a chance of sending you to one of two rooms; one of which is Kirin's room, the other is not. Keep trying until you get to the right place.
  • Right Ru'Avitau - Olla Grande and Mother Globe. From the center entrance, go East and down a ramp. Again, go in here and follow your LS mates until you reach the right place.
  • Ve'Lugannon Palace - Brigandish Blade is a forced spawn in an area between both entrances. From the left (Western) entrance, go east then South once inside Ve'Lugannon. From the right (Eastern) entrance, go west then South once inside.

  • Byakko's Island - From the center circle (the one that can take you all the way around the area,) you can reach Steam Cleaner and Zipacna. The southern Ve'Lugannon zone takes you to Steam Cleaner, and the northern zone to Ve'Lugannon takes you to Zipacna.

  • Genbu's Island - Another access to Zipacna and the path to Faust and Ullikummi. The Northern Ve'Lugannon zone here can take you to Zipacna. The zone to Ru'Avitau takes you to Faust and Ullikummi.

  • Suzaku's and Seiryu's Islands - The southern entrances to Ve'Lugannon on both islands can take you to Brigandish Blade. The Sons seems to take the Seiryu entrance by habit.

I'll add written directions to specific mobs in Le'Vugannon and Ru'Avitau later, as I actually learn how to get there myself.

Wheee Chocobo!


Tsurara has raised 3 chocobos to date. Her first bird, named ColonelMustang, was poor in all stats upon reaching day 64, and was retired shortly thereafter. Her next bird was named VividFox, and was Substandard in Strength and Below Average in Endurance upon his retirement around day 90. Both ColonelMustang and VividFox were yellow, male chocobos. ColonelMustang was hatched from the egg recieved from the Chocobo Raising quest, and VividFox was purchased as an egg from the mithra girl in Ru'Lude Gardens.

Tsurara's most recent bird is named CrimsonStardust, a.k.a. Crim or Crimmy. He is red, and was obtained by trading two health certificates--purchased from a fellow adventurer whom I believe was called Avanent--to Finbarr.

  • His stats are as follows:
Strength: Better than Average
Endurance: Average
Discernment: Poor
Receptivity: Poor


Rhazalk is in the process of raising his first Chocobo. It was hatched from the egg received as a reward from some quest, and ended up yellow. (Surprise! ... Not.) Her name is now SparkHeart, and she started out listening to music to get her discernment up. Her temperament is easy-going, and she currently has the following stats:

  • Strength: Poor
  • Endurance: Poor
  • Discernment: A Bit Deficient
  • Receptivity: A Bit Deficient

She learned the ability Gallop. She has been switched to physical training with "Carry Packages," so her D and R will undoubtedly go down. With luck, she will learn another ability before that happens.

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