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Limit Break Radio

Limit Break Radio is a podcast devoted to the game Final Fantasy XI. The hosts of Limit Break Radio are Aniero, formerly of the Titan server, Kallo of the Odin server, Sayl formerly of the Titan server and Gamer, formerly of the Pandemonium server now of the Odin server. As of June 2007 all of Limit Break Radio's hosts are playing on the Odin server.

The hosts of Limit Break Radio, Aniero, Kallo, Sayl and Gamer


The idea for Limit Break Radio came in the summer of 2006 when Aniero, Kallo, Argetlam and Sayl, all real-life friends, realized that their normal Final Fantasy XI discussion would make great radio. So during summer pre-production on the show was started. The website was launched in August of 2006 and the first episode "Cutting the Ribbon" was posted on August 21'st 2006. There is currently no regular updating schedule for Limit Break Radio, shows are released when they are finished. Argetlam left the show on 9/21/07, announcing his retirement on part 2 on Limit Break Radio's Anniversary show. Gamer was chosen to fill Argetlam's shoes and his first show premiered on 12/22/07. TamTu was asked to join the crew for the summer of 2008 and was later asked to be a permanent fill in host. TamTu is also the host of He Says She Says.

About the show

Limit Break Radio is completely owned and operated by its hosts meaning the hosts pay for everything. The show is taped with Aniero, Kallo, Sayl, Gamer, and interns all in one room and a guest or two joining them by Skype. The show focuses not just on current events but also common game strategies and hosts tell many in-game stories and share experiences. As of April 2009 the show has been divided up into two types of shows, topic centered shows and discussion oriented episodes. Topic centered shows focus on game content, these shows contain job discussions, event strategies, and mission and quest walkthroughs. Discussion centered shows focus on the hosts in game activities, personal stories and informal discussion and debate about topics relating to Final Fantasy XI.

Cast of Characters

Limit Break Radio and it's network shows all have a unique cast of characters for each show. Here's a guide for each of the shows reoccurring characters.

Limit Break Radio

  • Aniero - Host/Lead Producer
  • Kallo - Host/Co-producer
  • Sayl - Host
  • Gamer - Host
  • Argetlam - Former Host
  • Juxtaposition - Intern
  • Erufailon - Intern
  • Wally - Former Intern
  • Lady Fayne - Part Time Staffer
  • TamTu - Part Time Host

Simply Juxta

  • Juxtaposition - Host/Producer
  • Eisen - Secretary

The Rogue's Den

  • Kallo - Host/Producer
  • Veloxe - Assault Co-host

Elegantly Edwyth

  • Edwyth - Host/Lead Producer
  • Feofi - Elegant Assassin
  • Jesterking - Elegant Assassin

He Says, She Says

  • TamTu - Host/Producer
  • Sooraya - Host/Producer

Special Events

Limit Break Radio has had several special events, here is some information about those events.

LBR's Evisceration Contest

In Sept. of 2006 Limit Break Radio had its first special event. The contest was to see who could write the wittiest Evisceration macro in celebration of Kallo obtaining said weapon skill. The prize was a copy of the Square-Enix game Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII-. Submissions were accepted over a period of two weeks. The winner was Matt from the Sylph server with the macro:

"Every time I do this - a DRK loses a pt invite ^^"

The winner was announced on Episode 6 - Not Just Boys Fun that first aired Sept 26th 2006.

LBR's Spectacular Annual Platinum Extravaganza Edition Call-in Bonanza Special vol 1

In December of 2006 Limit Break Radio held it's first call-in special where listeners had a chance to voice their opinions to Aniero and Kallo. Sayl and Argetlam were not able to participate in the call-in special. The total running time of 'Limit Break Radio's Spectacular Annual Platinum Extravaganza Edition Call-in Bonanza Special Volume 1' was just over two hours with a total of 17 calls.

Extra Life

In October of 2008 Limit Break Radio joined forces with Pet Food Alpha, Vana'diel Profiles, W00t Studios and Geek Speak to take part in Sarcastic Gamer's first annual Extra Life fundraiser to help children with pediatric cancer. Team Limit Break Radio raised $9,345 and combined all of the teams raised nearly $11,000 of the $115,000 total. In conjunction with the fundraiser, a twenty-four hour live broadcast was done over the W00t Studios stream featuring members of each of the respective sites as well as almost 100 people participating all over the world. Some of that audio was used in Limit Break Radio's Episode 38 entitled Extra Life.


Episode Episode Title Guest Air Date
1 Cutting the Ribbon None August 20, 2006
2 Episode 2...ftw? None August 27, 2006
3 A Milestone Spazz September 3, 2006
4 The Gamer Episode Gamer September 10, 2006
5 PWNED! Gordor September 17, 2006
6 Not Just Boys Fun Cosiala September 26, 2006
7 Update-tastic Ganiman October 3, 2006
8 Swing and a Miss Gyudva and Gamer October 11, 2006
9 The Rusty Paladin Flipperfeet October 25, 2006
10 The Quest Master Rosalie November 05, 2006
11 The Beast! Krogenar November 23, 2006
12 Running With Scissors Elmer The Pointy December 04, 2006
13 Bullseye! Lahriel December 15, 2006
14 Call-in Special Vol. 1 17 Call-in guests January 04, 2007
15 Master of Disaster Jensen January 27, 2007
16 In The Shadows... Souel February 13, 2007
17 Sea. (aka We couldn't come up with a title) Erecant February 26, 2007
18 GMs > Puppies Ganiman and Rickshaw March 13, 2007
19 Cloak and Dagger Sleekmotorwurkz March 29, 2007
20 Hadouken!!! Priestsan April 10, 2007
21 My Best Friend Carby Tigerfury May 05, 2007
22 lolClipShow None May 25, 2007
23 Dice and Guns Foobar and Tigerfury June 27, 2007
24 Not-so-lolDragoon Twcblaze July 24, 2007
25 1 Year Anniv. Pt1: Crap! Oh! Pwned! (aka CoPs) Tokash September 07, 2007
25 1 Year Anniv. Pt2: The Best Defense Cravion September 22, 2007
26 Kweh Kweh Kweh WARK! Neelia December 22, 2007
27 LBR's Gigantious Beginners Guide to Vana'diel Dashknocker December 31, 2007
28 Have No Mercy!! Frice January 23, 2008
29 Medics & Maces Zero March 01, 2008
30 The Art of WAR Maxx V & Atamusk (in studio guest) March 24, 2008
31 Sunken Treasure Ryuko April 13, 2008
32 The Brew Maxx-V and Tigerfury (in studio) May 23, 2008
33 Get a Job, Newbie! Sesh & Tamtu June 18, 2008
34 The Brutalsode Aeredon & Tamtu July 14, 2008
35 2 Year Anniv. Pt1: The Capped Crusader Hyshio & Tamtu August 23, 2008
36 2 Year Anniv. Pt2: Q: How Long Is Too Long? A: This Show! Fusionx, Tamtu, Hyrist, Rosalyn September 25, 2008
37 Cleaning House aka LOOOOOOL! None October 13, 2008
38 Extra Life Many People November 20, 2008
39 Big Zeni! No Whammy! STOP! Luso, Tamtu, Edwyth & Feofi January 1'st, 2009
40 Rise of the Viceroy Viceroy March 12, 2009
41 Hit the Books! Hesper, Foobar and Triquetra April 16, 2009
42 The Way Things Were Eskalia April 26, 2009
43 Square-Enix Community Team Podcast Tour: Live Events! Robert Peeler, Matt Hilton, Pikko May 13, 2009
44 Eye-in-jar Viki June 16, 2009
45 Let's Party! Tuufless July 24, 2009
46 Things You Didn't Know About Vana'diel Elmer The Pointy & Veloxe August 20, 2009
47 3 Year Anniv. Pt1: The Final Countdown Eskalia, Xerumeru and Xaze September 6th, 2009

Limit Breaking News Segments

These are segments that started as of May 13'th 2007. They are shorter segments that cover FFXI updates and community issues. Limit Breaking News brings breaking news from around Vana'diel to you!

Episode Episode Title Guest Air Date
1 Wings of the Goddess Maxx-V May 13, 2007
2 The June 2007 Update Ganiman June 08, 2007
3 E3 2007 Wrap Up Maxx-V July 18, 2007
4 August 2007 Update Krogenar August 30, 2007
5 The 2007 Vana'deil Celebration Maxx-V November 04, 2007
6 March 2008 Update Spazz March 10, 2008
7 June 2008 Update Gyudva June 14, 2008
8 2008 Premier Site Summit Ganiman & Opalflame August 01, 2008
9 The September 2008 Update Rosalyn September 13, 2008
10 Jan 22nd LM-17 Sonomaa, Elmer The Pointy, Fusionx, Hyrist, Davy Jones February 06, 2009
11 The April 2009 Update Hyrist, Zero, TamTu April 11, 2009
12 Final Fantasy XIV Argetlam June 4, 2009
13 July 2009 Update Fusionx July 22, 2009

Simply Juxta

Simply Juxta is a segment that is hosted by Limit Break Radio's intern Juxtaposition and (sometimes) a "co-hort". These segments are supposed to be centered around the Holiday events of Vana'diel

Episode Episode Title "Co-hort" Air Date
1 Juxta-ween Kallo October 26, 2007
2 Happy Juxta-ween Jaredin December 24, 2007
3 Juxta Is In The Air Fabreezio February 15, 2008
4 Celestial Juxta Elisen & Aeredon July 02, 2008
5 Simply Sunbreeze Alison & Elisen August 10, 2008
6 Juxta-best Festival 2008 Elisen & Asmodia October 30, 2008
7 Juxta-light Celebration Elisen & Onitaru December 24, 2008

The Rogue's Den

Hosted by the "dreamy" Kallo and dedicated to topics that are generally too large for a single episode. Topics are broken up over several episodes.

Episode Episode Title Co-host Air Date
1 File01/Assualt/PrivateSecondClass Veloxe July 09, 2008
2 File02/Assualt/PrivateFirstClass Veloxe August 16, 2008
3 File03/Assualt/SuperiorPrivate Veloxe September 08, 2008
4 File04/Assualt/LanceCorporal Veloxe October 08, 2008
5 File05/Assualt/Corporal Veloxe January 14, 2008
6 File06/Assualt/Sergeant Veloxe March 26, 2009
7 File07/Assualt/SergeantMajor Veloxe June 30, 2009
8 File08/Assault/ChiefSergeant Veloxe July 30, 2009
9 File09/Assault/SecondLieutenant Veloxe September 3, 2009

He Says She Says

He Says She Says was a podcast started by TamTu and Sooraya and was later co-casted by Limit Break Radio. He Says She Says was produced by Tamtu and Sooraya.

Episode Episode Title Guest Air Date
1 Collecting Mail! None September 28, 2008
2 Place Your Bets! None October 15, 2008
3 Slug Shot IN THE FACE None November 04, 2008
4 Trouble in Paradise None November 09, 2008
5 The Locksmith Kixxi November 23, 2008
5.5 Ice Cream Heroes None December 11, 2008
6 Bazaaring is Boring Frice December 21, 2008
7 The Starlight Special None December 26, 2008
8 Role Reversal Sigmund February 3, 2009
9 Double Date Hyrist & Irisjir February 14, 2009
10 The Tarusode None April 3rd, 2009
11 Bastok Brawlin' None May 6th, 2009
11.5 Square-Enix Says! (Special Podcast Tour episode!) Matt Hilton & Opalflame of IGN's FFXIVault April 27th, 2009
12 R-E-S-P-E-C-T None June 7th, 2009
12.5 S.U.H.I.P.A.N. None June 23rd, 2009
13 Just One Of Those Things None August 11th, 2009
14 He Shatters, She Shatters! None September 5th, 2009

Elegantly Edwyth

Elegantly Edwyth is a Limit Break Radio Network show hosted by Edwyth of the Leviathan server (formerly of Bahamut & Ragnarok). Edwyth examines one aspect of Vana'diel in his absurdly specific way. The show is produced by Edwyth.

Episode Episode Title Guest Air Date Topic
1 The Three S's Feofi & Tamtu October 2, 2008 Signet, Sanction & Sigil
2 A Refresher Feofi, Lilani, Luso, & Neelia October 23, 2008 Refresh
3 No Place Like Home Feofi, Berndherbert, & Fabreezio November 11, 2008 Mog House Exit Quests & Storage
4 Footloose Feofi, Jesterking, Kaitlin, & Talint December 4, 2008 Dancer
5 Azure LOL Jesterking, Mattr, Squigglicious, & Vlorsutes January 8, 2009 The Blue Mage 2-Hour
6 pLOLarm Feofi, Jesterking, Fusionx, & Viceroy February 5, 2009 Polearm
7 Unlockable Feofi, Berndherbert, & Maxx-V March 9, 2009 Treasure Caskets
8 Because PUPs Are Awesome Jesterking, Elmerthepointy, & Bsphilar April 9, 2009 Puppetmaster
9 Commissioned DJplaeskool, Krut, & Kyle Wynen of [1] May 27, 2009 Campaign NPCs
10 My First NM Jesterking, Berndherbert, Carletta, Jeminijem, Kenjimasuda, & Tigerfury July 10, 2009 Low Level Notorious Monsters
11 LFP Like it's 2003 Feofi, Jesterking, Angeladark, Danta, DJplaeskool, Kiamoko, & Steak Soon FFXI Retrospective

Vana'diel News Nework at

Vana'diel News Network or VNN, is a show produced by Frice with skits, scripted and performed by co0lunteer community members. VNN also features parody commercials.

Episode Episode Title Co-anchor Air Date
1 Shantotto Silenced?! Ivelios May 12, 2009
2 TMN/Q Ravencroft October 18, 2009

Limit Break Theater

Limit Break Theater are scripted works where Aniero, Kallo Sayl, Argetlam, Gamer and Juxta appear as their "characters" in the world of Vana'diel. These are not like the informational episodes, these are short stories done in a radio play style.

Episode Episode Title Writer Director Air Date
1 Sunny Days in San d'Oria Kallo Aniero October 18, 2007

Fan Fest Specials

Year Day On Scene Reporters Air Date
2007 1 Aniero, Zero & Frice & Saion November 19, 2007
2007 2 Aniero, Zero & Frice November 22, 2007
2008 1 Aniero & Kallo December 9, 2008

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