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Alyne is a college student and amateur mystery writer.
She enjoys gaming, RPGs especially; reading mystery and sci-fi stories; watching soccer matches; cooking; and growing her own vegetables.
She has tried to draw in the past and found out she isn't very good, but she does enjoy it. She'll probably try to improve at drawing in the future.
Alyne isn't very big on talking and has a habit of slipping in an out of third person speech.


  • Lynea
    • Mithra
    • Loyal Windurstian
    • Beginner Fisherman

  • Faylinn
    • Hume
    • New Bastoker (Bastokian?)
    • Has yet to start adventuring

  • Keaira
    • Elvaan
    • New San d'Orian
    • Has yet to start adventuring
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