• Well, first of my name is Bonnie, and I was born in Fort Worth, Texas - And I am TOTALLY in love with my Dragonkin boyfriend, Daniel. I only lived in Texas a year, then my family moved to Washington State and hour's drive away from Mt. Rainier, where I lived for seven years. In 1998, my family and I moved to where I live today - Upstate New York. I must admitt that New York is my favorite place to live so far, though, I do miss the large mountains in Washington State, but I have a house here in NY, instead of an appartment, and six acres with a creek running through. So I like it here! Its the simple things
  • I am of several ethnicities that I know of, though, with research I am sure I would find more, albeit they would be miniscule in comparison to what I know, due to how many generations back it would be.
  • I am part British, Irish, Scottish, Welsh and part German, though, as far as I can tell, the German heritage is very, very far back in the bloodline.
  • Most importantly, I am Dark Angelkin. Angelkin is a little hard to describe, sue to lack of good information on the internet, but, essentially, Angelkin are usually human beings who have been born with an Angel's soul. These people are called Incarnated Angels. And not all of them are "Holy" Angels. Some of us are based off of Elements, others off the worlds of flora and fauna. I, personally, am of the Dark, live of the Dark, lust for Vampirc and Draconis blood and am a very warrior-type young woman.
  • I am schooled at home, so really the only chance I get to meet people is when I am out frolicking somewhere, most often my Tang Soo Do Do Jang. However, the fact that I am not tied down with school means my creativity has had much more room to blossom, and that I am grateful for.

My Main Interests

  • My main interests... Well, I actually have quite a few.
  • Part of my hobbies includes The Arts, although, currently I am only pursuing literary and visual arts, my style of art being a gothic and fantasy style of manga, which I have developed for myself.
  • I am currently in the process of starting my own clothing business, with Lolita, Victorian and Vampire styles of clothing, and some "other" original designs that would qualify really as "Visual Kei". Quite honestly, all of the designs I have are original pieces, and I hope to have my business up and running sometime this year, and I will model some of my own clothing.
  • I participated in several church plays and choirs while I was a Christian (1996-2000). I admittedly enjoyed singing more than acting, although I like both.
  • I would be pursuing my musical life more, but there are very few places here where I can do so, and the one place of vocal instruction I have found is in a part of town no one in their right mind would step in, even during the day, really. Most of my vocal practices I pursue are singing with various songs I like, learning them through headphones, and then singing them without the music, so I can find my own comfortable and accessible range, and practicing until perfection.
  • I do intend to pursue a musical career in the future, when I am able, and I will most likely be part of an American Visual Kei band! That would be awesome!
  • My other interests are eclectic, although The Paranormal, languages and Ancient Cultures are at the top of that list. I'm currently teaching myself German, and I hope in the future to learn to speak, read and write Japanese.
  • A hobby I haven't been able to pursue since moving is the building of model rockets. Its something I started with my father at the age of three, and continued up until the age of eight, when we moved away from Washington State. We are planning on making them again in the future, however.

Favorite Music

  • Well, I have fallen in love with Visual Kei and Jjock. I also love classical, Middle Eastern, Goth, rock, metal, heavy metal, and some pop and hip hop. Very little of pop and hip hop, though.
  • I absolutely adore music that is a combination of rock and classical. It is gorgeous! I love it to death and would marry it! Also, I have a passion; it would seem for music that includes violins, cellos, pipe organs and/or orchestral choirs, like in "One Winged Angel" from Final Fantasy VII. ^_^
  • Top Thirteen Favorite Bands or Artists - No Order
  1. Malice Mizer
  2. Klaha
  3. Gackt
  4. Voltaire
  5. Korn
  6. Evanescence
  7. Godsmack
  8. Metallica
  9. Nine Inch Nails
  10. Three Days Grace
  11. Disturbed
  12. Hans Zimmer
  13. Nobuo Uematsu

Favorite Movies

  • Phantom of the Opera
  • Final Fantasy: Advent Children
  • Ju-On: The Grudge (Japanese movie, not the one with Sarah Michelle Gellar)
  • Constantine
  • Dracula 2000
  • Tomb Raider
  • The Mummy
  • The Mummy Returns
  • Lord of the Rings Trilogy
  • Gladiator
  • Eragon

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