Akborder is a character on the game Final Fantasy XI.

Thfsmall This user is a level 75 Thief.
Brdsmall This user is a level 51 Bard.
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This user is an Elvaan.
This user is Rank 10 in San d'Oria with Reputation level 9
This user plays on the Gilgamesh Server.
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This user is a level 72 Carpenter.
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Who is Akborder

Akborder is my character in FFXI. I have been playing since the game came out off and on. I generally play a lot less during school and over the summer who really knows because i tend to work all summer to go back to school lol.


Started Woodworking for my Thief and made money off it so i kept doing it. Started Alchemy because a good crafting friend of mine gave me some advice and it all worked out well. Goldsmithing was just a way for me to make some money when i was lower lvl, now it just sits.

Woodworking 72.0 Artisan
Alchemy 51.0 Journeyman
Goldsmithing 21.0 Initiate

My time on FFXIclopedia

I use this site all the time for quests, not much else.


I try to do quests whenever i have time to waste or whenever someone else needs em. I generally don't do quests unless they give me lotsa money though.

San d'Oria Quests

Bastok Quests

Windurst Quests

Jeuno Quests

Outlands Quests

Other Quests

Aht Urhgan Quests

Crystal War Quests

Bastok (S) San d'Oria (S) Windurst (S)


I get what i can finish solo then wait to see if anyone else is going on the other ones so i can tag along. I generally just don't get missions done because people leave me behind or they end up not doing them. I hate relying on people.

San d'Oria Missions

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Rank 2

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Zilart Missions

  • Suppanomimi: Obtained

Chains of Promathia Missions

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Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

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Chapter 8

Treasures of Aht Urhgan Missions

Wings of the Goddess Missions


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