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This section contains information that couldn't be categorized under the other headers.

External Links

Non-wiki sites that pertain to FFXI.

Wiki Links

These links are mostly for wiki editing. Many of them are found on the Community Portal tab on the main page, but I have placed them here for my convenience. The Wikia ones are buried all over the place, so I put them here for easier access as well. Both are divided up into categories.

FFXIclopedia Wikia (General)


  • Format Stubs: Articles with a basic template and needing the correct one.
  • Stubs: Articles with incomplete information.



  • AH: Auction House template for categories and FFXIAH lookup.
  • Userpage Templates: Templates and checklists for including in user pages.
  • Userbox Templates: Userboxes, of course.
  • Item Templates
    • Armor: Item information template for Armor.
    • Weapon: Item information template for Weapons.


  • Special Pages: All sorts of 'Special' wiki pages.
  • My Specials: These use the currently logged-in user.
    • Following: All pages that I'm following, categorized into groups.
    • Watchlist: Activity on pages in my watchlist.


Basic Info



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