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Missions & Quests

Rise of the Zilart

  • Outlands

Chains of Promathia
Treasures of Aht Urghan

  • Assault

Wings of the Goddess

  • Crystal War Quests
    • Bastok (S)
    • San d'Oria (S)
    • Windurst (S)
    • Voidwatch Ops
  • Campaign Ops

Abyssea Quests

  • Vision of Abyssea
  • Scars of Abyssea
  • Heroes of Abyssea
  • Checklists

Rhapsodies of Vana'diel
Seekers of Adoulin

  • A Crystalline Prophecy
  • A Moogle Kupo d'Etat
  • A Shantotto Ascension

Other Quests

WotG Missions

Crystal War Quests

Bastok (S) San d'Oria (S) Windurst (S)

Campaign Operations

Campaign Ops

Resource procurement

[XEks] Stock and Awe I (S)

[XEks] Stock and Awe II (S)

[XEks] Stock and Awe III (S)

[XEks] Stock and Awe IV (S)

[XEks] Materiel Storm I (S)

[XEks] Materiel Storm II (S)

[XEks] Materiel Storm III (S)

[XEks] Materiel Storm IV (S)

[XEks] Search and Seizure I (S)

Supply transport

[XEks] Vanguard-X I (S)

[XEks] Vanguard-X II (S)

[XEks] Vanguard-X III (S)

[XEks] Crimson Domino I (S)

[XEks] Crimson Domino II (S)

[XEks] Crimson Domino III (S)

[XEks] Bridge Too Far I (S)


[XEks] Streetsweeper I (S)

[XEks] Streetsweeper II (S)

[XEks] Streetsweeper III (S)

[XEks] Delta Strike I (S)

[XEks] Delta Strike II (S)

[XEks] Delta Strike III (S)

[XEks] Steel Resolve I (S)

[XEks] Steel Resolve II (S)

[XEks] Steel Resolve III (S)

[XEks] Magna Cache I (S)

[XEks] Magna Cache II (S)

[XEks] Magna Cache III (S)

Supply manufacture

[XEks] Crystal Fist I (S)

[XEks] Crystal Fist II (S)

[XEks] Crystal Fist III (S)

[XEks] Crystal Fist IV (S)

[XEks] Iron Anvil I (S)

[XEks] Iron Anvil II (S)

[XEks] Iron Anvil III (S)

[XEks] Iron Anvil IV (S)

Offensive operations

[XEks] Smokescreen I (S)

[XEks] Smokescreen II (S)

[XEks] Smokescreen III (S)

[XEks] Smokescreen IV (S)

[XEks] Cracking Shells

[XEks] Splitting Heirs

[XEks] Plucking Wings

[XEks] Pit Spider I (S)

[XEks] Pit Spider II (S)

[XEks] Pit Spider III (S)

[XEks] By Light of Fire I (S)

Defensive operations

[CheckCheck] Aegis Scream I (S)

[XEks] Aegis Scream II (S)

[XEks] Aegis Scream III (S)

[XEks] Aegis Scream IV (S)

[XEks] Granite Rose I (S)

[XEks] Granite Rose II (S)

[XEks] Granite Rose III (S)

Intel gathering

[XEks] Hawk Eye I (S)

[XEks] Hawk Eye II (S)

[XEks] Hawk Eye III (S)

[XEks] Slaughterhouse I (S)

[XEks] Slaughterhouse II (S)

[XEks] Slaughterhouse III (S)

[XEks] Prying Eyes (S)

[XEks] Deep Cover I (S)

[XEks] Deep Cover II (S)

[XEks] Deep Cover III (S)

Military training

[XEks] Brave Dawn I (S)

[XEks] Brave Dawn II (S)

[XEks] Brave Dawn III (S)

[XEks] Cut and Cauterize I (S)

[XEks] Cut and Cauterize II (S)

[XEks] Cut and Cauterize III (S)

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