Start NPC Naja Salaheem
Items Needed Sutlac
Irmik Helvasi
Timeworn Talisman
KeyItemMessage from Yoyoroon
KeyItemTalisman of the Rebel gods
KeyItemTalisman key
KeyItemSpatial Pressure Barometer
Title Granted Heir of the Blighted Gloom
Sworn to the Dark Divinity (on final completion)
Repeatable Yes (but replaced by A Stygian Pact after final completion)
Reward Imperial Gold Piece
Choice of:
The avatar Odin (Usable by 75+ Summoner)
Aesir Ear Pendant
Aesir Torque
Aesir Mantle
10,000 gil
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The Rider Cometh A Stygian Pact


  • After finishing The Rider Cometh or a previously successful Unwavering Resolve, wait until Japanese Midnight has passed, then talk to Naja Salaheem.
  • Examine the Imperial Whitegate for a cutscene.
    • You may get multiple cutscenes depending on Waking the Colossus.
    • The quest will appear in your quest log at this point.
  • Purchase a Sutlac and Irmik Helvasi from the Shararat Teahouse (K-12).
    • If you are planning to complete A Stygian Pact, it is recommended to purchase 11-13 of each. The items do not stack.
  • Obtain a Timeworn Talisman. They are RareExclusive and are dropped by Ephramadian Shades in Dvucca Isle.
  • Talk to Yoyoroon (G-6) in Nashmau.
  • Trade Yoyoroon a Timeworn Talisman and at least one Sutlac or Irmik Helvasi, but preferably both.
    • On occasion he will determine that the talisman is too dirty. This chance greatly drops if you give him both desserts.
  • Zone, then talk to Yoyoroon again to receive KeyItemTalisman of the Rebel gods.
  • Check the Imperial Whitegate for a cutscene. You will receive KeyItemTalisman key and KeyItemSpatial Pressure Barometer.
  • Enter Hazhalm Testing Grounds for cutscene and check the Entry Gate to enter the uncapped 6-person battlefield "Unwavering Resolve". You will lose your KeyItemTalisman key.
  • After defeating Odin Prime, you may make a request of Odin. Selecting "The release of thy knight" will allow for quest progression. Afterwards, you will be given a choice of rewards.
    • Selecting any of the other options leads to a lengthy speech from Odin, but will not cause quest progression.
      • Odin's dialogue will change after each "release" request.
      • Only the most recent dialogue, and whichever other requests you have made, will show up at the Goblin Footprint. After full completion, only the 10th, 11th, and other requests will be available. However, the "other requests" will show a very truncated version of Odin's speech, not the full speech given when you actually do the quest.
  • Check the Imperial Whitegate (K-9) in Aht Urhgan Whitegate.
  • Talk to Naja Salaheem to complete the quest. You will receive an Imperial Gold Piece.
    • After completing this quest for the 11th time, you will receive the title "Sworn to the Dark Divinity" and unlock A Stygian Pact.


  • Buffs and TP are retained on entry.
  • Odin Prime will periodically summon an Odin Image, up to three in total.
  • Below 50%, Odin Prime may begin a countdown starting at 10. At 0, he will use Zantetsuken (ability), inflicting Death on all targets within a 30' radius of his current target. This can be avoided by using /heal, or by running out of range of the target.

Game Description

Nashmeira (Throne Room, Imperial Ward)
Ghatsad aims to seal the distortion that is the Dark Rider's portal into this world. You must procure another key and return to Hazhalm to collect the data he seeks. Meanwhile, Ovjang and Mnejing would ask of you a favor of their own...
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