Start NPC Zalsuhm - Lower Jeuno (H-9)
Requirements Treasures of Aht Urhgan
Puppetmaster Level 75+
Items Needed Inferno Claws
Key ItemRunic Disc
Repeatable No
Reward Stringing Pummel Weapon Skill


Progress Hints

If you want to check your progress, return to Zalsuhm and trade the weapon. The messages he gives you indicate your progress toward unlocking the Weapon Skill:

  • You have accumulated 0~49 Weapon Skill Points:
    • "I sense only a mote of energy p-p-present. You still have a long way to go, it seems."
  • You have accumulated more than 50 Weapon Skill Points, but less than 201 Weapon Skill Points.
    • "Aaah, yes... I can feel a marked increase in energy compared to when I first held it. Keep up the good w-w-work, hee hee hee..."
  • You have 201 to 249 Weapon Skill Points:
    • "The energy is threatening to burst forth. It won't be long now, hee hee hee..."
  • You accumulated all 250 Weapon Skill Points and can see the weapon skill in your menu when you have the Nyzul weapon equipped:
    • "You've done it! Energy is overflowing as though the floodgates have burst open!"
This message only appears after the unlocking is complete, and is followed immediately by unlocking the weapon skill completely.

Game Description

Zalsuhm (Lower Jeuno)
Self-styled leading researcher of mystical artifacts, Zalsuhm, claims that the weapon you acquired deep within Nyzul Isle conceals immense power. Wielding the now unlocked weapon will cause a magical evolution to take place...eventually.