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"Unlocking a Myth" can refer to any of twenty quests to unlock a job specific Weapon Skill from the base version of a Mythic Weapon obtained from NMs in Nyzul Isle.

You can have multiple versions of the quest open at the same time.

There is no "Unlocking a Myth" quest for Rune Fencer or Geomancer, the two jobs which do not have Nyzul Weapons. The Geomancer equivalent quest is Geomancerrific, and the Rune Fencer equivalent is Rune Fencing the Night Away.

Quest Weapon Weapon Skill
Unlocking a Myth (Warrior) Sturdy Axe King's Justice
Unlocking a Myth (Monk) Burning Fists Ascetic's Fury
Unlocking a Myth (White Mage) Werebuster Mystic Boon
Unlocking a Myth (Black Mage) Mage's Staff Vidohunir
Unlocking a Myth (Red Mage) Vorpal Sword Death Blossom
Unlocking a Myth (Thief) Swordbreaker Mandalic Stab
Unlocking a Myth (Paladin) Brave Blade Atonement
Unlocking a Myth (Dark Knight) Death Sickle Insurgency
Unlocking a Myth (Beastmaster) Double Axe Primal Rend
Unlocking a Myth (Bard) Dancing Dagger Mordant Rime
Unlocking a Myth (Ranger) Killer Bow Trueflight
Unlocking a Myth (Samurai) Windslicer Tachi: Rana
Unlocking a Myth (Ninja) Sasuke Katana Blade: Kamu
Unlocking a Myth (Dragoon) Radiant Lance Drakesbane
Unlocking a Myth (Summoner) Scepter Staff Garland of Bliss
Unlocking a Myth (Blue Mage) Wightslayer Expiacion
Unlocking a Myth (Corsair) Quicksilver Leaden Salute
Unlocking a Myth (Puppetmaster) Inferno Claws Stringing Pummel
Unlocking a Myth (Dancer) Main Gauche Pyrrhic Kleos
Unlocking a Myth (Scholar) Elder Staff Omniscience

Weapon Skill Point Requirements

Game Description

Zalsuhm (Lower Jeuno)
Self-styled leading researcher of mystical artifacts, Zalsuhm, claims that the weapon you acquired deep within Nyzul Isle conceals immense power. Wielding the now unlocked weapon will cause a magical evolution to take place...eventually.