Rankings are decided through the combined effort of each of the Unity's members.

The A.M.A.N. tabulates all the [[Unitygood deeds done during a period of time and confers benefits on a Unity for the following ranking period.

Some of these benefits include changes to Unity accolades gained and the effects of equipment earned from Wanted battles.

Yes, you read that correctly--the attributes of certain equipment will increase in line with your Unity's ranking.

On the other hand, members of a Unity that finds itself on the lower rungs will enjoy an increase in accolades and capacity points earned to help bring them up to par.

Additionally, an individual's evaluation is the sum of the accolades they have earned divided by 1,000. A Unity's ranking is the average of all eligible members' individual evaluations.

The A.M.A.N. does not look kindly on those who only seek to siphon rewards from others' hard work, and thus only confers these boons on those who have collected at least a certain number of accolades.

-- Unity Concord NPC

Ranking Period

There is a weekly ranking of each leader's Unity coinciding with the weekly Conquest Tally each Sunday.


Item Stat Bonus
Ffxiah-small.png > Gae Derg
Gae Derg
Critical Hit Rate +1~5%
Ffxiah-small.png > Sailfi Belt
Sailfi Belt
Attack +10~15
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