Rankings are decided through the combined effort of each of the Unity's members.

The A.M.A.N. tabulates all the good deeds done during a period of time and confers benefits on a Unity for the following ranking period.

Some of these benefits include changes to Unity accolades gained and the effects of equipment earned from Wanted battles.

Yes, you read that correctly--the attributes of certain equipment will increase in line with your Unity's ranking.

On the other hand, members of a Unity that finds itself on the lower rungs will enjoy an increase in accolades and capacity points earned to help bring them up to par.

Additionally, an individual's evaluation is the sum of the accolades they have earned divided by 1,000. A Unity's ranking is the average of all eligible members' individual evaluations.

The A.M.A.N. does not look kindly on those who only seek to siphon rewards from others' hard work, and thus only confers these boons on those who have collected at least a certain number of accolades.

-- Unity Concord NPC

Ranking Period

There is a weekly ranking of each leader's Unity coinciding with the weekly Conquest Tally each Sunday.


Item HQ Type or Slot Stat Bonus
21164.png Ababinili RareExclusive 21165.png Ababinili +1 RareExclusive Staff "Cure" potency +6~10%
28429.png Acuity Belt RareExclusive 28430.png Acuity Belt +1 RareExclusive Waist
26714.png Adorned Helm RareExclusive 26715.png Adorned Helm +1 RareExclusive Head
26942.png Agony Jerkin RareExclusive 26943.png Agony Jerkin +1 RareExclusive Body
20851.png Aizkora RareExclusive 20852.png Aizkora +1 RareExclusive Great Axe
27638.png Ajax RareExclusive 27639.png Ajax +1 RareExclusive Sub
26786.png Alhazen Hat RareExclusive 26787.png Alhazen Hat +1 RareExclusive Head
20606.png Anathema Harpe RareExclusive 20607.png Anathema Harpe +1 RareExclusive Dagger
22266.png Antitail RareExclusive 22267.png Antitail +1 RareExclusive Throwing
27560.png Apeile Ring RareExclusive 27561.png Apeile Ring +1 RareExclusive Ring
28486.png Arete del Luna RareExclusive 28487.png Arete del Luna +1 RareExclusive Ear
28134.png Assiduity Pants RareExclusive 28135.png Assiduity Pants +1 RareExclusive Legs
27106.png Asteria Mitts RareExclusive 27107.png Asteria Mitts +1 RareExclusive Hands
28136.png Augury Cuisses RareExclusive 28137.png Augury Cuisses +1 RareExclusive Legs
27619.png Aurist's Cape RareExclusive 27620.png Aurist's Cape +1 RareExclusive Back
27517.png Bathy Choker RareExclusive 27518.png Bathy Choker +1 RareExclusive Neck
20853.png Beheader RareExclusive 20854.png Beheader +1 RareExclusive Great Axe
25601.png Blistering Sallet RareExclusive 25602.png Blistering Sallet +1 RareExclusive Head
20806.png Buramgh RareExclusive 20807.png Buramgh +1 RareExclusive Axe
10770.png Cacoethic Ring RareExclusive 10771.png Cacoethic Ring +1 RareExclusive Ring
28352.png Canto Necklace RareExclusive 28353.png Canto Necklace +1 RareExclusive Neck
25680.png Cohort Cloak RareExclusive 25681.png Cohort Cloak +1 RareExclusive Body
20696.png Combuster RareExclusive 20697.png Combuster +1 RareExclusive Sword
20507.png Comeuppances RareExclusive 20508.png Comeuppances +1 RareExclusive Hand-to-Hand
22057.png Contemplator (Staff) RareExclusive 22058.png Contemplator +1 RareExclusive Staff
27640.png Deliverance RareExclusive 27641.png Deliverance +1 RareExclusive Sub
20708.png Demersal Degen RareExclusive 20709.png Demersal Degen +1 RareExclusive Sword
27542.png Dominance Earring RareExclusive 27543.png Dominance Earring +1 RareExclusive Ear
20521.png Emeici RareExclusive 20522.png Emeici +1 RareExclusive Hand-to-Hand
26870.png Emet Harness RareExclusive 26871.png Emet Harness +1 RareExclusive Body
27636.png Evalach RareExclusive 27637.png Evalach +1 RareExclusive Sub
27609.png Fi Follet Cape RareExclusive 27610.png Fi Follet Cape +1 RareExclusive Back
20527.png Fists of Fury RareExclusive 20528.png Fists of Fury +1 RareExclusive Hand-to-Hand
20681.png Flyssa RareExclusive 20682.png Flyssa +1 RareExclusive Sword
26401.png Forfend RareExclusive 26402.png Forfend +1 RareExclusive Sub
20942.png Gae Derg RareExclusive 20943.png Gae Derg +1 RareExclusive Polearm
27150.png Gazu Bracelet RareExclusive 27151.png Gazu Bracelet +1 RareExclusive Hands
10768.png Gelatinous Ring RareExclusive 10769.png Gelatinous Ring +1 RareExclusive Ring
21343.png Ghastly Tathlum RareExclusive 21344.png Ghastly Tathlum +1 RareExclusive Ammo
27601.png Grounded Mantle RareExclusive 27602.png Grounded Mantle +1 RareExclusive Back
21748.png Habilitator RareExclusive 21749.png Habilitator +1 RareExclusive Axe
28490.png Handler's Earring RareExclusive 28491.png Handler's Earring +1 RareExclusive Ear
26784.png Hike Khat RareExclusive 26785.png Hike Khat +1 RareExclusive Head
26872.png Hime Domaru RareExclusive 26873.png Hime Domaru +1 RareExclusive Body
27409.png Hippomenes Socks RareExclusive 27410.png Hippomenes Socks +1 RareExclusive Feet
27407.png Hygieia Clogs RareExclusive 27408.png Hygieia Clogs +1 RareExclusive Feet
22120.png Imati RareExclusive 22121.png Imati +1 RareExclusive Marksmanship
26709.png Imperial Wing Hairpin RareExclusive 26710.png Imperial Wing Hairpin +1 RareExclusive Head
20608.png Jugo Kukri RareExclusive 20609.png Jugo Kukri +1 RareExclusive Dagger
28275.png Jute Boots RareExclusive 28276.png Jute Boots +1 RareExclusive Feet
27050.png Kachimusha Kote RareExclusive 27051.png Kachimusha Kote +1 RareExclusive Hands
28412.png Kentarch Belt RareExclusive 28413.png Kentarch Belt +1 RareExclusive Waist
21702.png Kladenets RareExclusive 21703.png Kladenets +1 RareExclusive Great Sword
21034.png Kunimune RareExclusive 21035.png Kunimune +1 RareExclusive Great Katana
20580.png Kustawi RareExclusive 20581.png Kustawi +1 RareExclusive Dagger
27108.png Lamassu Mitts RareExclusive 27109.png Lamassu Mitts +1 RareExclusive Hands
25635.png Loess Barbuta RareExclusive 25636.png Loess Barbuta +1 RareExclusive Head
26001.png Loricate Torque RareExclusive 26002.png Loricate Torque +1 RareExclusive Neck
21090.png Loxotic Mace RareExclusive 21091.png Loxotic Mace +1 RareExclusive Club
26896.png Lugra Cloak RareExclusive 26897.png Lugra Cloak +1 RareExclusive Body
28481.png Lugra Earring RareExclusive 28482.png Lugra Earring +1 RareExclusive Ear
27993.png Macabre Gauntlets RareExclusive 27994.png Macabre Gauntlets +1 RareExclusive Hands
21099.png Magesmasher RareExclusive 21100.png Magesmasher +1 RareExclusive Club
21483.png Malison RareExclusive 21484.png Malison +1 RareExclusive Marksmanship
21159.png Marin Staff RareExclusive 21160.png Marin Staff +1 RareExclusive Staff
20799.png Mdomo Axe RareExclusive 20800.png Mdomo Axe +1 RareExclusive Axe
21222.png Mengado RareExclusive 21223.png Mengado +1 RareExclusive Archery
27558.png Mephitas's Ring RareExclusive 27559.png Mephitas's Ring +1 RareExclusive Ring
27562.png Metamorph Ring RareExclusive 27563.png Metamorph Ring +1 RareExclusive Ring
21688.png Montante RareExclusive 21689.png Montante +1 RareExclusive Great Sword
21029.png Norifusa RareExclusive 21030.png Norifusa +1 RareExclusive Great Katana
28484.png Nourishing Earring RareExclusive 28485.png Nourishing Earring +1 RareExclusive Ear
21695.png Nullis RareExclusive 21696.png Nullis +1 RareExclusive Great Sword
25709.png Obviation Cuirass RareExclusive 25710.png Obviation Cuirass +1 RareExclusive Body
27548.png Odnowa Earring RareExclusive 27549.png Odnowa Earring +1 RareExclusive Ear
21219.png Paloma Bow RareExclusive 21220.png Paloma Bow +1 RareExclusive Archery
20804.png Perun RareExclusive 20805.png Perun +1 RareExclusive Axe
21805.png Pixquizpan RareExclusive 21806.png Pixquizpan +1 RareExclusive Scythe
21162.png Pouwhenua RareExclusive 21163.png Pouwhenua +1 RareExclusive Staff
20613.png Pukulatmuj RareExclusive 20614.png Pukulatmuj +1 RareExclusive Sword
20980.png Raicho RareExclusive 20981.png Raicho +1 RareExclusive Katana
21416.png Refined Grip RareExclusive 21417.png Refined Grip +1 RareExclusive Sub
28273.png Regal Pumps RareExclusive 28274.png Regal Pumps +1 RareExclusive Feet
21418.png Rigorous Grip RareExclusive 21419.png Rigorous Grip +1 RareExclusive Sub
26868.png Rosette Jaseran RareExclusive 26869.png Rosette Jaseran +1 RareExclusive Body
28427.png Sailfi Belt RareExclusive 28428.png Sailfi Belt +1 RareExclusive Waist
20611.png Sangarius RareExclusive 20612.png Sangarius +1 RareExclusive Sword
22254.png Seething Bomblet RareExclusive 22255.png Seething Bomblet +1 RareExclusive Ammo
21075.png Septoptic RareExclusive 21076.png Septoptic +1 RareExclusive Club
27995.png Shigure Tekko RareExclusive 27996.png Shigure Tekko +1 RareExclusive Hands
28423.png Shinjutsu-no-Obi RareExclusive 28424.png Shinjutsu-no-Obi +1 RareExclusive Waist
26887.png Shomonjijoe RareExclusive 26888.png Shomonjijoe +1 RareExclusive Body
21329.png Stinger Bullet Exclusive Marksmanship
26731.png Stinger Helm RareExclusive 26732.png Stinger Helm +1 RareExclusive Head
20987.png Tancho RareExclusive 20988.png Tancho +1 RareExclusive Katana
20679.png Tanmogayi RareExclusive 20680.png Tanmogayi +1 RareExclusive Sword
27148.png Tatenashi Gote RareExclusive 27149.png Tatenashi Gote +1 RareExclusive Hands
25855.png Tatenashi Haidate RareExclusive 25856.png Tatenashi Haidate +1 RareExclusive Legs
25732.png Tatenashi Haramaki RareExclusive 25733.png Tatenashi Haramaki +1 RareExclusive Body
25923.png Tatenashi Sune-Ate RareExclusive 25924.png Tatenashi Sune-Ate +1 RareExclusive Feet
20603.png Ternion Dagger RareExclusive 20604.png Ternion Dagger +1 RareExclusive Dagger
20898.png Triska Scythe RareExclusive 20899.png Triska Scythe +1 RareExclusive Scythe
27508.png Unmoving Collar RareExclusive 27509.png Unmoving Collar +1 RareExclusive Neck
21690.png Ushenzi RareExclusive 21691.png Ushenzi +1 RareExclusive Great Sword
26021.png Vim Torque RareExclusive 26022.png Vim Torque +1 RareExclusive Neck
27504.png Warder's Charm RareExclusive 27505.png Warder's Charm +1 RareExclusive Neck
21349.png Wingcutter RareExclusive 21350.png Wingcutter +1 RareExclusive Throwing
27230.png Zoar Subligar RareExclusive 27231.png Zoar Subligar +1 RareExclusive Legs
27532.png Zwazo Earring RareExclusive 27533.png Zwazo Earring +1 RareExclusive Ear