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|reward= 800 [[Cruor]], repeat 400 [[Cruor]]
|reward= 800 [[Cruor]], repeat 400 [[Cruor]]
Random chance of: <br>
Random chance of: <br>
[[Tantra Seal: Legs]] (MNK) {{Drop Rate|144|1724}}<br>
[[Tantra Seal: Legs]] (MNK) {{Drop Rate|144|1728}}<br>
[[Aoidos' Seal: Legs]] (BRD) {{Drop Rate|147|1724}}<br>
[[Aoidos' Seal: Legs]] (BRD) {{Drop Rate|148|1728}}<br>
[[Mavi Seal: Legs]] (BLU) {{Drop Rate|110|1724}}<br>
[[Mavi Seal: Legs]] (BLU) {{Drop Rate|110|1728}}<br>
[[Creed Seal: Legs]] (PLD) {{Drop Rate|135|1724}}<br>
[[Creed Seal: Legs]] (PLD) {{Drop Rate|136|1728}}<br>

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Start NPC Yurim (A) - Abyssea - Misareaux
Requirements Abyssea - Misareaux Reputation 1
Items Needed Murex Spicule
Title Granted None
Repeatable Yes, after zoning
Reward 800 Cruor, repeat 400 Cruor

Random chance of:
Tantra Seal: Legs (MNK) (8.3%)
Aoidos' Seal: Legs (BRD) (8.6%)
Mavi Seal: Legs (BLU) (6.4%)
Creed Seal: Legs (PLD) (7.9%)


  • Speak to Yurim (A) to start the quest. You can give her an Apple Pie to make her tell you the name of what she wants.
  • Trade her a Murex Spicule to complete the quest.

This quest can be repeated by zoning in and out of Abyssea.

Game Description

Yurim (A) (Main Camp, (K-7) near Conflux #01 Abyssea - Misareaux)
Yurim requires a certain object in order to continue her research on Abyssean lifeforms, but is experiencing difficulties remembering its name...
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