Start NPC Perih Vashai - Windurst Woods (K-7)
Requirements Ranger Level 50+
Items Needed Gold Earring
Title Granted Paragon of Ranger Excellence
Repeatable Yes, see Vingijard after AF is complete.
Reward Hunter's Socks
Ice Arrow x 99
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Fire and Brimstone None



  • Talk to Perih Vashai Windurst Woods (K-7) to continue the search for the sinner.
    • If you just completed Fire and Brimstone you need to zone before you will be given this quest.
    • You have to be ranger to start the quest, however you can talk to Koh Lenbalalako and fight the NM as any job.
  • You are sent to Mhaura to find a mithra. Koh Lenbalalako is standing in the corner of the Smithing Guild in Mhaura (F-9) (speak to her twice to get cut scene) and tells you part of a story and wont tell the rest until you give her a Gold Earring.
  • Obtain a Gold Earring and trade it to Koh Lenbalalako for her to finish her story about the sinner and Xarcabard. She will give you Koh's Letter (key item).
    • If there are no Gold Earrings on sale at the AH you can obtain one by completing the Conquest RoE Mission in Xarcabard.
  • Follow the sinner to Xarcabard and watch a cutscene as you zone in.
    • The location of the cutscene changes depending on if you zoned in through Beaucedine Glacier or not.
  • Go to the cave at (E-7) and examine the ??? for a cutscene after which the tiger will spawn.
  • Kill Koenigstiger. The tiger Notorious Monster.
  • After killing Koenigstiger, go to the cave at (E-8) (opposite side of the zone), examine the ??? and watch another cutscene.
  • Re-examine the ??? at (E-8) again to get a reward of 99 Ice Arrows.
  • Return to Windurst Woods and talk to Perih Vashai to complete the quest and receive your reward.

Game Description

Perih Vashai (Vashai's residence, Windurst Woods)
Semih Lafihna has set out to find the truth. Track her down and help her in any way possible.