Job Ability

  • Allows access to additional blue magic spells.
  • Obtained: Blue Mage Level 95
  • Recast Time: 5:00
  • Duration: 1:00


Functions Similar to Addendum: White and Addendum: Black to the extent of allowing access to additional spells that would otherwise be unavailable without it being active. Additionally, spells that use Unbridled Learning do not need to be set as such they do not require Blue Magic Points nor do they provide stat bonuses (e.g. STR+ MND+ MP+ HP+) typical of other blue magic spells.

  • Ability is active for one minute, and allows the user to perform one cast from applicable spells. Upon casting, the effect is consumed.
  • As these spells do not need to be set, the 1-minute cooldown timer after setting the "regular" spells does not apply to them and they can be used right away (provided Unbridled Learning is active).

Macro Syntax

  • /ja "Unbridled Learning" <me>

Spell List

Unbridled Learning grants access to the following spells:

Spell Level
Harden Shell 95
Thunderbolt 95
Absolute Terror 96
Gates of Hades 97
Tourbillion 97
Pyric Bulwark 98
Bilgestorm 99
Bloodrake 99
Droning Whirlwind 99
Carcharian Verve 99
Blistering Roar 99
Mighty Guard Information Needed
Cruel Joke Information Needed
Cesspool Information Needed
Tearing Gust Information Needed

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