Ulla and kilhwch
Campaign Ally
Campaign Freelance
Varies Exclamation


  • Assisted by her bodyguard Kilhwch, whom she orders around.
  • If Kilhwch is defeated in battle she will raise him immediately at full health and unweakened. She says "On your feet, Kilhwch!"
  • Uses a special weaponskill Call to Arms, which grants extra TP to all allied players and units in range.
  • If she is defeated, Kilhwch will go ballistic.
  • When allied with the Republic of Bastok, Ulla will assist in battles at Grauberg (S) and Pashhow Marshlands (S).

Maruna-Kurina's Notes

Ulla is a mysterious young girl. They say she bore witness to a divine revelation, and now wanders Vana'diel as a pilgrim-wilgrim knight. She's recently left her homelands of Bastok and ventured nearer the realms of San d'Oria. Her devoted attendantaru Kilhwch is ever by her side, and carries with him the renowned sword Excalibur. The thing is, he's a celebrated knight in his own right, giving many rise to wonder what could have caused him to pledge his fealty to another. Like any young lady, Ulla has a soft spot for beautiful flower-wowers. If you seek to court a fair maiden, perhaps a bouquet mightaru be best.

How to Influence


"I refuse to stay hidden in my manse like a lark in a cage while innocent blood is spilled on the streets."
"My brothers and sisters! Raise your blades for justice!"

When Allied

"Might you be a legionaire of the Bastokan Republic? It seems your nation faces an uphill battle in its quest to bring peace to the land. Perhaps Kilhwch and I may be of some assistance."
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