«FFXI-Movie» 0260 - Tuning Out

«FFXI-Movie» 0260 - Tuning Out

Game Script

Tuning Out (pt.1) - Windurst Waters
Leepe-Hoppe: I wonder what happened? Where could she be?

I guess it's fair justice for threatening me...

Leepe-Hoppe: Ah, it's you! My adventuring friend!
Perhaps to my worries an ear you could lend?

Leepe-Hoppe: I finished the fork, then I handed it to,
That Mithran sin hunter. She was pleased, I tell you.

Leepe-Hoppe: She packed up the fork, and then left right away.
I've not seen her since that most harrowing day.

Leepe-Hoppe: Of course, that new fork has never been tested.
I hope that it worked in the way she requested...

Leepe-Hoppe: It's possible the Mithra has been trapped inside.
I would just forget it. And oh, how I've tried!

Leepe-Hoppe: But I can't leave a lady to such a grim fate.
So I've called upon stalwart Ildy-Goldy the Great!

Leepe-Hoppe: Do you know of our Ildy, the one and the only?
He protects us on trips to the lands far, wild, and lonely!

Leepe-Hoppe: With his fighting skills he's sure to compete,
On a level that rivals the Mithra elite!

Leepe-Hoppe: Plus, they both wear those creepy black helms.
I'm sure that they've traveled in similar realms.

Ildy-Goldy: Vhat vas that aboutaru creepy helms...?

Leepe-Hoppe: Oh! Ildy-Goldy, have you made any progress?
Have you found that formidable Mithra sin huntress?

Ildy-Goldy: It is mostaru veird.
I did speak vith several persons who had seen a dark-helmeted Mithra...

Ildy-Goldy: The Rhinostery researchers in Beaucedine say she vas headed in the direction of Xarcabard.

Leepe-Hoppe: Xarcabard? Why'd she go there?
Fei'Yin is the spot for an avatar's lair.

Ildy-Goldy: ...
Vhen I vas still a student, I vonce read a thesis written by Professor Iru-Kuiru.

Ildy-Goldy: It talked of the Mithran belief that a crystal of darkness exists in Xarcabard.

Ildy-Goldy: Iru-Kuiru vas on friendly-viendly terms vith the Mithra of Kazham.

Ildy-Goldy: It might be bestaru to try speaking vith them about this matter.

Leepe-Hoppe: Now that you mention it, I'm fairly sure,
Our sin hunter came from that southerly shore.

Ildy-Goldy: Vell then, it's settled.
Adventurer, come and meet me in Kazham.
The chieftainness may have some answer-vanswers for us.

Leepe-Hoppe: Don'taru forget to put safety first.
Like poor Iru-Kuiru, try not to get cursed.

Leepe-Hoppe: An allied expedition member was he.
A researcher from our beloved Rhinostery.

Tuning Out (pt.1) - Kazham
Jakoh Wahcondalo: You say you're looking for a Mithran Tracker?

Jakoh Wahcondalo: You're gonna have to be more specific.
There're several sin hunters prowling arrround your continent right now.

Jakoh Wahcondalo: All hell's brrreaking loose in our homeland.

Jakoh Wahcondalo: For some rrreason, the Emptiness of legend has appeared, despite our constant battles with the beastmen...

Jakoh Wahcondalo: But that's neither here nor there.

Jakoh Wahcondalo: So which Tracker are you looking for?
The one hunting dragons? The one hunting songs? Or the one hunting gods?

Jakoh Wahcondalo: A Mithra wearing a black helm?
Ah, you'd be looking for Shikaree Y, then.
She's always rrrubbing people's fur the wrong way.

Ildy-Goldy: Chieftainness Jakoh.
That sin hunter vas headed for Xarcabard vith an untested Rhinostery tuning fork.

Ildy-Goldy: Ve vish to track her down.
Vhere is the crystal of darkness mentioned in the legends of the Mithra?

Jakoh Wahcondalo: Why should I know a thing like that, Ildy-Goldy?

Jakoh Wahcondalo: I just took over here as chieftainness. Why don't you dirrrect your questions to our old boss?

Ildy-Goldy: Romaa Mihgo?
Ve Tarutaru--or more specifically the Rhinostery--are not on the bestaru of terms vith your former chieftainness.

Ildy-Goldy: It vas connected to the allied expedition.
Iru-Kuiru of the Rhinostery hired Yow Rabntah as an adventurer, and the tragedy that followed drove a vedge betweeen us and the Mithra of Kazham...

Jakoh Wahcondalo: I have the same kind of prrroblems when it comes to Romaa.
I had a run-in with her daughter, Nanaa Mihgo.

Jakoh Wahcondalo: But Romaa still recognized my strength when it came to choosing a new chieftainness.
She doesn't let her emotions interfere with important matters.

Jakoh Wahcondalo: You two are trying to help Shikaree Y, rrright?

Jakoh Wahcondalo: Be honest in your apprrroach and she'll tell you what you need to know.
Romaa's probably mellowed out in her old age.

Ildy-Goldy: Thank you for your advice.
Ve vill see what Romaa Mihgo has to say.

Tuning Out (pt.2) - Kazham
Ildy-Goldy: Former Chieftainness Romaa Mihgo.

I am Ildy-Goldy, an adventurer of the Rhinostery.
This is Player name.

Ildy-Goldy: Ve are looking for a Mithran Tracker who visited Vindurst.

Ildy-Goldy: This Mithran Tracker traveled to the Northlands bearing a tuning fork of the Rhinostery.
She has failed to return.

Ildy-Goldy: This new model of tuning fork vas designed to resonate with the protocrystals of the great beings.

Ildy-Goldy: However, this fork is vildly more powerful than the previous models.
Its reliability has not been tested and, frankly-vankly, ve are rather vorried.

Ildy-Goldy: Ve suspectaru the sin hunter has been unable to leave the crystal of darkness...

Romaa Mihgo: Your worry is misplaced.

Romaa Mihgo: Having a bunch of Tarutaru concerned for her welfare would be an insult worse than death for a trrracker.

Romaa Mihgo: While it is trrrue that a tracker's senses are dulled in the Northlands, she's not some kitten to lose her way in the snow.

Ildy-Goldy: But if she never returns, this situation vill escalate into a crime the Rhinostery mustaru answer to, correct?

Ildy-Goldy: The allied expedition is a case-vase in pointaru.

Ildy-Goldy: The Rhinostery is still haunted by the tragedy that befell Yow Rabntah after she vas employed by Iru-Kuiru.

Ildy-Goldy: You expelled all of our researchers from your town and closed the gates of Kazham.

Romaa Mihgo: ...

Ildy-Goldy: I am sorry.
I did not come here to open old vounds.
Ve do not vish for conflictaru.

Ildy-Goldy: Ve do not vant to jeopardize the ties that have been repaired betveen Kazham and the Rhinostery.

Ildy-Goldy: Perhaps our renewed peace is not something you vish for...

Romaa Mihgo: There are times when conflict is necessary...

Ildy-Goldy: !

Romaa Mihgo: Rrrather than wandering in circles, endlessly repeating the same tired arguments...
There are times when victory or defeat can prrrovide a clear answer.

Romaa Mihgo: My time in the sun has ended...

Romaa Mihgo: The Rhinostery has changed, as well.
New members like you will shoulder the rrresponsibilities of this age, and forge new ties...

Romaa Mihgo: But me...
I'm an old-fashioned kinda girl.

Romaa Mihgo: This impasse will be decided by victory or defeat.
If your strength prrroves victorious, I will answer your request.

Ildy-Goldy: I understand.
It is the Mithran vay to bow to strength.
I vill bring you the victory you demand.

Romaa Mihgo: Good.
Go to the waterfall in the east of the Yuhtunga Jungle.

Romaa Mihgo: If you throw a pebble into the falls, a monster will appear.
Your task is to defeat the crrreature and return here alive.

Romaa Mihgo: Player name...
You will watch the battle from a hill overlooking the waterfall.

Romaa Mihgo: You will see that he doesn't employ the help of other adventurers, or use any other devious tactics...

Ildy-Goldy: I vill not cheat.
I vill single-handedly defeataru any creature you send me against!

Ildy-Goldy: Let's go, Player name.
Find a high place in the east of Yuhtunga from vhere you can see the battle at the vaterfall.

Tuning Out (pt.1) - Yuhtunga Jungle
Ildy-Goldy: Player name!

Can you hear me!?

Ildy-Goldy: I vill throw a pebble into the vaterfall now.
It vill be a short battle, I promise you!

Ildy-Goldy: !?

Ildy-Goldy: Vait!
This vasn't supposed to happen!

Tuning Out (pt.2) - Yuhtunga Jungle
Ildy-Goldy: I apologize, it vas a long path to the top.

Ildy-Goldy: But you seem to have things under control.
Did you defeat the beasty-veasts yourself?

Ildy-Goldy: Phew.
Vhat an exciting day, hey?
I'm glad you know your vay around a battle.

Ildy-Goldy: Now, ve return to the home of Romaa Mihgo!
I have a word or two for that vily feline!

Tuning Out (pt.3) - Kazham
Ildy-Goldy: Romaa Mihgo!

Ve have returned victorious!

Ildy-Goldy: You underestimated Player name's strength.
You have the answer you asked for.

Romaa Mihgo: Hmm, so you survived my trial.

Romaa Mihgo: Your failure to rrreach your companion's side in time does not speak highly of your ability, Ildy-Goldy...

Romaa Mihgo: However, I will recognize this adventurer's victory.

Ildy-Goldy: Hurrah! You did it, Player name!

Romaa Mihgo: To business...
You wanted to know where to find Shikaree Y?

Ildy-Goldy: Yes.

Ildy-Goldy: Justaru as a great crystal of fire lies hidden in the Yuhtunga Jungle, a crystal of darkness supposedly exists in the Northlands.

Ildy-Goldy: Ve are certain this dark protocrystal vas the sin hunter's destination.

Romaa Mihgo: Your instincts were correct.
According to the legends, the god that slumbers within that crystal is the closest to waking...

Romaa Mihgo: Our legends say that in the ancient past, the deity within the crystal of darkness awoke...

Ildy-Goldy: Vone of the sleeping gods--vone of the great beings--vas avake!?

Romaa Mihgo: It is said that the deity was led again into slumber by the light of a certain box.

Romaa Mihgo: However, the sleep of this divinity is shallow, and he will answer the questions of those who appear before him...

Ildy-Goldy: I see.
And the tracker vent to speak vith this god?

Romaa Mihgo: That is likely the case...

Romaa Mihgo: But the rrresting place of this god is unknown to me.

Romaa Mihgo: In Norg, there are old tales among the pirrrates that tell of an unusual box...

Romaa Mihgo: These tales are surely known to Kamui, the aged officer that attends Gilgamesh.

Romaa Mihgo: If you give the guard at the door a bunch of habanero peppers, a serving of black curry, and a mutton tortilla, you should be allowed to ask a few questions.

Ildy-Goldy: Thank you.
Ve vill talk to this "Kamui."

Romaa Mihgo: One last thing.
I wouldn't pursue the sin hunter too far...

Romaa Mihgo: Mithran Trackers live for the hunt, but they do not aprrreciate being hunted.
If you find she is safe and well, you would be wise to leave her be...

Tuning Out (pt.1) - Norg
Comitiolus: How'd you know to bring somethin' like this? Old Kamui just loves spicy foods.

Comitiolus: Wait here.
I'll go get him for you.

Ildy-Goldy: <Player>, good vork on obtaining the bunch of habanero peppers and the other foods.

Ildy-Goldy: I vill listen to vhat this Kamui has to say along vith you.

Kamui: Sorry to keep you waiting.
I was informed you brought me some tasty gifts.

Kamui: How did you come by these items? You must be involved in the Tavnazian affairs that Gilgamesh mentioned.

Kamui: In which case, I will give you my full cooperation. Tavnazia is my homeland. We lived in the marquisate when Lugalbanda was our leader.

Ildy-Goldy: You are from Tavnazia?
Ve have come here from Kazham after consulting vith the former chieftainness, Romaa Mihgo.

Ildy-Goldy: Ve vish to hear the tale about a glowing box. The chieftainness said that you mightaru know of such a story.

Kamui: You speak of the treasure of Tavnazia--the "baptismal vessel"?

Kamui: Do you, too, seek the power of the magicite...?

Ildy-Goldy: Magicite?
No, ve did not come to ask about that cursed-vursed rock.

Ildy-Goldy: Ve are looking for a crystal of darkness said to lie somevhere in the Northlands.
Do you know anything of this legend?

Kamui: A crystal of darkness...
This must be related to the tale of a soldier who found the baptismal vessel in those frozen lands.

Kamui: The story takes place in the time when King Ranperre ruled the Kingdom of San d'Oria...

Kamui: A horde of Orcs once sailed from the northern continent to attempt a landing on Quon.

Kamui: The Uleguerand Range, north of Xarcabard, would become the staging point for the Orcish Campaign.

Kamui: To halt this invasion, the Tavnazian Navy took to the seas while King Ranperre led an army overland...

Kamui: The snowy plains ran red with uncounted bloody skirmishes fought in the defense of Quon.

Kamui: In the midst of the vicious battle, a San d'Orian soldier slipped and fell into a crevasse.

Kamui: As he wandered in search of an exit from the winding tunnels, the soldier noticed an ephemeral voice calling to him.

Kamui: The soldier began walking in the direction of the voice, and eventually stumbled upon an unexpected sight. Right before him lay a frozen lake, glowing with an eerie light...

Ildy-Goldy: And then vhat happened?

Kamui: It is said that the soldier was addressed by the voice of a god, but none know of the words that passed between them.

Kamui: The story ends with the soldier returning from the Northlands bearing a mysterious box. This box was to become a holy relic of the Tavnazian Cathredral.

Ildy-Goldy: A frozen lake in the Uleguerand Range, beyond the land of Xarcabard...

Kamui: Now that I think about it, thirty years ago there was a Mithra who went in search of the lake after hearing this tale.
She was unsuccessful.

Kamui: Apparently she joined an allied expedition for her journey to the Northlands...

Ildy-Goldy: Yow Rabntah vas looking for the frozen lake!?

Kamui: Yes, but her experiences in that evil land twisted her soul.

Kamui: Her return to Kazham sparked an intertribal conflict that cost many Mithra their lives.

Kamui: After this incident, Romaa Mihgo became chieftainness, and her rule caused other problems between Kazham and Norg.
But looking back, that was probably unavoidable.

Kamui: Ah, I've veered from our original discussion.

Ildy-Goldy: No, not at all.
This has been mostaru informative, thank you.

Ildy-Goldy: According to Kamui's story, Yow Rabntah joined the allied expedition of her own free vill.

Ildy-Goldy: Vas Romaa Mihgo not avare of this fact?

Ildy-Goldy: Hmm.
The Uleguerand Range is not a place to visitaru lightly.

Ildy-Goldy: Let us call upon the Rhinostery adventurers in the Northlands for help!

Ildy-Goldy: <Player>, meet me at the tower on the Beaucedine Glacier vhere my Rhinostery peers are located. Until then!

Tuning Out (pt.1) - Beaucedine Glacier
Torino-Samarino: What do you mean, you can'taru find that Mithra?

Potete: You would think someone wearing that much black would be easy to find in all this white...

Leigon-Moigon: Waitaru!
A helmed figure approaches!

Ildy-Goldy: Leigon-Moigon, you also vear a helmet, remember?

Ildy-Goldy: I have discovered vhere that sin hunter vas heading. This is going to be trickier than ve thought.

Ildy-Goldy: The Mithra vas looking for a frozen lake that exists somevhere in the Uleguerand Range...

Torino-Samarino: Whoa!
Even we Rhinostery adventurers have never set foot in that place!

Potete: Justaru getting through to Xarcabard is crazy-wazy enough!
Traveling beyond that is absolutaru madness!

Ildy-Goldy: The Rhinostery's research vill take us there eventually.
Should ve call Minister Rukususu...?

Leigon-Moigon: Minister Rukususu has been allergic to Mithra ever since that incidentaru with Iru-Kuiru.

Torino-Samarino: It's not just that.
The Rhinostery has been having troubles with Kazham for decades.

Torino-Samarino: It's only since Jakoh Wahcondalo became chieftainness that things have returned to normal.

Potete: Maybe we should leave this game of cat and mouse to the Mithra.

Potete: This is their faultaru in the first place. That sin hunter forcing the Rhinostery to make an irregular tuning fork, after all...

Torino-Samarino: Researchers from all over the place have complained about their treatmentaru at the paws of that madwoman.

Leigon-Moigon: That's rightaru!
And someone should take that helm away from her! She's a black mark on all my helmet-wearing brethren!

???: What's that about my helmet, sugarpie?

Ildy-Goldy: Shikaree Y!
You're okay!

Shikaree Y: So sorry. I seem to have had your little hearts all aflutter.

Shikaree Y: I heard the tale from the Mithra in Kazham. Apparently some helmeted Tarutaru was rrruning around telling everybody I had died.

Leigon-Moigon: (It wasn't me!)

Ildy-Goldy: That tuning fork had never been tested. You're free to risk your life in any vay you see fit, but I vill not have the Rhinostery blamed for your death.

Shikaree Y: You know, I was never able to use it.

Ildy-Goldy: Vhat!?

Leigon-Moigon: (It wasn't our fault!)

Ildy-Goldy: It vas defective?

Shikaree Y: No, nothing like that. It had nothing to do with the protocrystal.

Shikaree Y: Some power prrrevented me from reaching the lake.

Ildy-Goldy: And your questions for the sleeping gods?

Shikaree Y: Surely you've figured it out, pumpkin? I wasn't able to meet them.

Shikaree Y: I followed your trail to Norg where I heard some fascinating news.

Shikaree Y: The old guy must've told you that someone was asking about magicite...

Shikaree Y: This person has been making all sorts of inquiries in Norg and the Tenshodo.
You don't happen to have any details on this, do you?

Ildy-Goldy: Now that you mention it, Kamui started talking about magicite vhen ve asked for the tale of the baptismal vessel.

Ildy-Goldy: I don't know if it's true or not, but rumors say that the stones being collected by the beastmen were called...

Shikaree Y: Magicite. Fairly weak versions, as far as my rrresearch goes.

Shikaree Y: The stone I am interested in is far stronger and calls the darkness within you...
I am speaking of black magicite.

Shikaree Y: And when you mention black magicite, it means you're talking about the "Star of Tavnazia."

Ildy-Goldy: ...?

Shikaree Y: Oh, bother.
I seem to have said too much.

Shikaree Y: Why don't you forget I said anything? If you feel you can't forget, I'll be happy to beat you until you can't remember a thing.

Ildy-Goldy: !?

Ildy-Goldy: Vhat vas that all about?

Ildy-Goldy: Black magicite? The darkness vithin...?

Ildy-Goldy: <Player>, thank you for assisting me vith my duties. It has been a pleasure.
Please take this as compensation for all your hard vork, including the trouble you vent through acquiring the gifts for Kamui.

Torino-Samarino: Wow!

Potete: Nice!

Leigon-Moigon: You can buy a new helmet with that!

Ildy-Goldy: You three, keep Minister Rukususu safe from harm.
I bid you farevell.

Tuning Out - Dialogue- Windurst Waters (South)
Leepe-Hoppe: The triumphant adventurer returns from his quest!

Ildy told us you passed every trial and test!

Leepe-Hoppe: As thanks for your help in this troublesome case,
Here's a helmet that sells at incredible pace!

Leepe-Hoppe: I've made it so it can be warn by we mages!
It's sending the milliner into red rages!

Obtained: Cache-nez.

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