Start NPC Leepe-Hoppe - Windurst Waters South (J-9)
Requirements Windurst Reputation: 4
Chains of Promathia: 2-3
Items Needed Black Curry
Mutton Tortilla
Title Granted Friend of the Helmed
Repeatable No
Reward 6,000g
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Tuning In None


  • Talk to Leepe-Hoppe following Japanese midnight after completing Tuning In to receive this quest.
    • In July 2014 Update you no longer need to wait for midnight, max wait time is now 1 minute (earth time).
  • Travel to Kazham and speak with Jakoh Wahcondalo (the Chieftainess) (J-9).
  • Go to the Mihgo's residence and speak with Romaa Mihgo (H-11).
  • There, you will see a ??? overlooking the falls and some pools of water (K-7).
You do not need to go through Ifrit's Cauldron to reach the ???. The ??? is located at the edge of the cliff on the upper level.
  • Click on the ???, watch a cutscene, and fight the five spawned NM bees called Nasus (see testimonials).
  • Once defeated, re-examine the ??? and watch another small cutscene.
Only one person may progress per fight. The fight must be re-done for each person completing this scene, with a respawn time of 15 minutes between fights.

Game Description

Leepe-Hoppe (Rhinostery, Windurst Waters)
The Mithran Tracker has taken the new tuning fork and left for a fabled protocrystal said to exist in the Northlands. She has failed to return. Assist Ildy-Goldy in gathering information about the tracker's whereabouts.