Trust Yoran-Oran (UC)
Race Tarutaru
Role Information
Weapon Club
Spell Cost 0 MP
Magic Type Trust
Jobs All Jobs, Lv. 1
Casting Time 5 seconds
Recast Time 240 seconds
Obtained Join Yoran-Oran's Unity Concord faction and complete any one of Trust: San d'Oria, Trust: Bastok, or Trust: Windurst.


  • Must have a personal evaluation of five points or greater during the Unity ranking tabulation period. [1]
    • Changing Unities, or having a personal evaluation lower than five points for two consecutive ranking tabulation periods will make Trust: Yoran-Oran (UC) unavailable.
    • Raising personal evaluation up to five points during the Unity ranking tabulation period will make it possible to call forth Trust: Yoran-Oran (UC) again.
  • Unity leader Alter Egos receive bonuses to all stats based on the Unity ranking held at the time of summoning.
  • Does not melee.
  • Uses Afflatus Solace.
  • Casts single-target Cure spells, Protectra and Shellra spells, Stoneskin. -na spells. Information.
  • Has a latent Regain effect and uses Nott.
  • A flaw in his artificial intelligence makes it so if he has Refresh or Indi-Refresh on and somebody is in yellow or lower health, he'll keep casting Cure I over and over again since his MP will replenish enough for recast.
  • Information


  • Summon: Dr. Yoran-Oran, former minister-ethy of the Rhinostery in Windurst, at your service.
  • Summon (while ranking is high): Fantastic! You really are raking in those Unity accolades-ethy aren't you!
  • Summon (while wearing Yoran Unity Shirt): How long have you spent-ethy researching the best methods to collect accolades? Share with me your results!
  • Dismiss: Oh, how time flies-ethy! I must return to the lab at once. I have some rather precarious petri cultures-ethy left unattended.
  • Death: Wha-? Inconceivable...

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