Uka Totlihn
Job:Dancer / Warrior
Magic Type:Trust
Casting Time:5 seconds
Recast Time:240 seconds
Obtained:August 2015 Login Campaign: obtain Cipher: Uka for 500 login points and trade it to Gondebaud, Clarion Star, or Wetata



  • Summon: We'll dance to the abyss and back!
  • Summon (while Ullegore is in the party): It's you evil demon king Ullegore! Your evil plan stops here!
  • Summon (while Mumor is in the party): Sorry to have kept you waiting, Mumorrr. With the Mighty Maidens at your side, you've nothing to fear!
  • Dismiss: Are we done alrrready? If you need me, you know where to find me!
  • Death: Bongo, Tango, Fandango, for the love something!
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