Trust Trion
Race Elvaan
Job Paladin / Warrior
Role Tank
Weapon Sword and Shield
Spell Cost 0 MP
Magic Type Trust
Jobs All Jobs, Lv. 1
Casting Time 5 seconds
Recast Time 240 seconds
Obtained Trust: San d'Oria (mission rank 6 required)



  • Summon: I am Trion, prince of San d'Oria. May my blade lead us to victory this day!
  • Summon (while Curilla is in the party): Curilla, my spirit is high with you by my side. Come, let the flash of our blades light up the battlefield!
  • Summon (while Rahal is in the party): Ever the worrywort, Rahal. Take some of the concern and use it to formulate a plan of action!
  • Summon (while Halver is in the party): Halver, I bid you save idle chitchat for later.
  • Dismiss: Sweet will be the aroma of the 812 Rolanberry I sip tonight!
  • Royal Savior: O great kings of the noble line of d'Oraguille, shield me from harm!
  • Death: There was nothing further I could have done!