Trust Tenzen
Race Hume
Job Samurai
Role Information
Weapon Great Katana
Spell Cost 0 MP
Magic Type Trust
Jobs All Jobs, Lv. 1
Casting Time 5 seconds
Recast Time 240 seconds
Obtained Alter Ego Extravaganza (trade Cipher: Tenzen to Gondebaud, Clarion Star, or Wetata)



  • Summon: Your voice has reached the Far East and called me to your side!
  • Summon (while Trust: Iroha is in party): Lady Iroha, allow me to keep you safe!
  • Dismiss: All men walk their own paths--yet should they lead in the same direction, they will cross yet again.
  • Death: Even the most stout limbs...get battered by the storm...