For the Trust Magic version of this NPC, see Trust: Shantotto.

Were you looking for Trust: D. Shantotto?

Job:Black Mage
Role:Offensive Caster
Weapon:Hand Form (ranged)
Magic Type:Trust
Casting Time:5 seconds
Recast Time:240 seconds
Obtained:Trade Cipher: Shantotto II to Gondebaud, Clarion Star, or Wetata


  • Job Traits:
    • Very high INT, Physical Accuracy and Magic Accuracy
  • Weapon Skills:
    • Empirical Research (Fragmentation)
    • Doctor's Orders (Gravitation/Information Needed)
    • Final Exam (Fusion)
    • Lesson in Pain (Scission, Distortion)
    • Will weapon skill to follow party members' weapon skills, usually resulting in a Level 2 or 3 skillchain, which she will then follow with two magic bursts.
    • Will occasionally follow a skillchain with a single magic burst, followed by one of her own weapon skills resulting in another skillchain, which she will then follow with two magic bursts.
  • Spells: Single-target Tier I elemental magic nukes for high damage. Does not seem to cast anything other than those six spells.
  • Other Traits:
    • Does not wield a weapon per se, but will auto-attack. Auto-attacks are fairly similar to those of Trust: Ajido-Marujido.
    • Auto-attacks have a 100% hit rate, hit from considerable range, and are considered typeless physical damage, like RequiescatVerification Needed.
    • Does not take enemy elemental weaknesses or resistances into account. Will freely cast spells, even if they will heal the enemy (i.e., will cast Blizzard on Shiva)
    • Despite not having Auto Refresh, due to only casting Tier I spells, it is very unlikely for her to run out of MP.


  • Summon: The time is at hand and they've nothing to gain, so it's time to bring them a whole world of pain!
  • Spellcast (occasionally): Ohohohohoho!
  • Dismiss: I've no time to sit here and with fool's parley, for I've got places to be, so I bid you good day!
  • Final Exam: And yet again, the flames of life are snuffed out, and I'll say this--it was an out and out rout!
  • Death: What happened to Trust? I thought it got better. But here I am now...eternally fettered...