Job:Passive (Geomancer)
Role:Passive Support
Magic Type:Trust
Casting Time:5 seconds
Recast Time:240 seconds
Obtained:Alter Ego Extravaganza (trade Cipher: Sakura to Gondebaud, Clarion Star, or Wetata)


  • Level 1-25: 1 HP/tick
  • Level 26-51: 2 HP/tick
  • Level 52-73: 3 HP/tick
  • Level 74-87: 4 HP/tick
  • Level 88-98: 5 HP/tick
  • Level 99: 6 HP/tick
  • Player stats and Item Level do not appear to affect the potency of the Regen effect.Verification Needed
  • Trust: Sakura is a passive alter ego.
  • Passive alter egos provide a beneficial status effect to party members via a Geomancy Indi-spell aura.
  • Trust: Sakura does not perform any actions, and cannot be interacted with in any way.
    • No player or NPC can cast spells or use job abilities on Trust: Sakura, including area of effect. This includes Trick Attack and Decoy Shot.
    • Trust: Sakura's bonus creates no enmity, so monsters will never attack Trust: Sakura.
    • Trust: Sakura cannot take any damage, and as a result, cannot die. Trust: Sakura will vanish if the player dies, though.

See also: Trust: Moogle, which provides Refresh and magic skill gain rate.


Peep! Peep!♪
Pe-pe-peep! Peepitty peep!
N/A (due to her non-interactive status, she cannot die)

Note: The Trust version of Sakura speaks in peeps instead of katakana (e.g. ピヨ!) like the original NPC. It has been confirmed by the localization team that this is intentional.[2]