Trust Pieuje
Race Elvaan
Role Healer
Weapon Mace
Spell Cost 0 MP
Magic Type Trust
Jobs All Jobs, Lv. 1
Casting Time 5 seconds
Recast Time 240 seconds
Obtained Join Pieuje's Unity Concord faction and complete any one of Trust: San d'Oria, Trust: Bastok, or Trust: Windurst.


Unity Concord (UC):

  • Must have a personal evaluation of five points or greater during the Unity ranking tabulation period. [1]
    • Changing Unities, or having a personal evaluation lower than five points for two consecutive ranking tabulation periods will make Trust: Pieuje (UC) unavailable.
    • Raising personal evaluation up to five points during the Unity ranking tabulation period will make it possible to call forth Trust: Pieuje (UC) again.
  • Unity leader Alter Egos receive bonuses to all stats based on the Unity ranking held at the time of summoning.
  • Job Traits: Auto Refresh, Regain.
  • Job Abilities: Afflatus Misery.
  • Weapon Skills: Starlight, Moonlight, Nott (recovers somewhat more HP than MP).
  • Spells: Flash, Cure I-VI, Protectra/Shellra I-V, Auspice, Haste, Status Recovery (-na) spells, Erase, Esuna.
  • Synergy: Casts Regen on his PLD brother Trion.
  • Notable: Light elemental damage is added to his melee attack (akin to Enlight II) when Afflatus Misery & Auspice are active together (which is almost constantly). Remains stationary after the battle starts, except, when the mob moves out of Flash casting range, he will move back into range.

Per the December 10, 2015 update:

  • "Behavior for casting Cure in emergency situations has been added.
  • Casting priority of Cure has been lowered.
  • Logic for using the ability Nott has been added.
  • Weapon skill usage conditions have been adjusted.
  • "Regain" attribute has been added."


  • Summon: Pieuje I d'Oraguille, ready to defend the Kingdom to the last!
  • Summon (while ranking is high): Adventurers like yourself are the lifeblood of my Unity.
  • Summon (while wearing Pieuje Unity Shirt): Your efforts on the field of battle have not gone unnoticed! And with that outfit of yours, you certainly cut a dashing form!
  • Dismiss: A war is not won by the number of soldiers, but by the strength of their dedication.
  • Death: Is this...where the road ends?

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