Trust Pieuje
Race Elvaan
Role Healer
Weapon Mace
Spell Cost 0 MP
Magic Type Trust
Jobs All Jobs, Lv. 1
Casting Time 5 seconds
Recast Time 240 seconds
Obtained Join Pieuje's Unity Concord faction and complete any one of Trust: San d'Oria, Trust: Bastok, or Trust: Windurst.


Unity Concord (UC):

  • Must have a personal evaluation of five points or greater during the Unity ranking tabulation period. [1]
    • Changing Unities, or having a personal evaluation lower than five points for two consecutive ranking tabulation periods will make Trust: Pieuje (UC) unavailable.
    • Raising personal evaluation up to five points during the Unity ranking tabulation period will make it possible to call forth Trust: Pieuje (UC) again.
  • Unity leader Alter Egos receive bonuses to all stats based on the Unity ranking held at the time of summoning.
  • Job Traits: Auto Refresh.
  • Job Abilities: Afflatus Misery.
  • Weapon Skills: Moonlight, Nott (recovers somewhat more HP than MP).
  • Spells: Cure I-VI, Protectra/Shellra I-V, Auspice, Haste, Status Recovery (-na) spells, Erase, Esuna, Flash.
  • Notable: Light elemental damage is added to his initial melee attacks when Afflatus Misery & Auspice are active together (which is almost constantly). Synergizes with his PLD brother Trion by additionally casting Regen on him.


Note: Dialogue changes depending on ranking

  • Summon: Pieuje I d'Oraguille, ready to defend the Kingdom to the last!
  • Summon (while ranking is high): Adventurers like yourself are the lifeblood of my Unity.
  • Summon (while wearing Pieuje Unity Shirt): Your efforts on the field of battle have not gone unnoticed! And with that outfit of yours, you certainly cut a dashing form!
  • Dismiss: A war is not won by the number of soldiers, but by the strength of their dedication.
  • Death: Is this...where the road ends?