Role:Active Support
Weapon:None (does not melee)
Magic Type:Trust
Casting Time:5 seconds
Recast Time:240 seconds
Obtained:Get the cipher in exhange for 480 Deeds of Heroism at an A.M.A.N. Validator. Trade Cipher: Monberaux to Gondebaud, Clarion Star, or Wetata (must have completed the quest offered by the NPC to whom you trade).


  • Job Abilities: Uses Cover when the opportunity arises, which isn't often.

    Furthermore, uses a unique set of "Mix:" abilities corresponding to his one-of-a-kind Chemist job. His abilities can be enhanced temporarily if you visit him at Upper Jeuno (G-10) and donate 10% of your current gil (up to a maximum of 100,000 gil), an Elixir or a Hi-Elixir.
    • Mix: Guard Drink - Applies Protect (+220 Defense) and Shell to all party members for 5 minutes.
    • Mix: Dragon Shield - Applies Magic Defense Bonus to all party members for 60 seconds.
    • Mix: Elemental Power - Applies Magic Attack Bonus to all party members for 60 seconds.
    • Mix: Samson's Strength - Gives all primary stats +10 for 60 seconds.
    • Hyper Potion - Restores 250 HP.
    • Max Potion - Restores 500 HP.
    • Mix: Max Potion - Restores 700 HP. Note the subtle name difference from 'Max Potion' above. This feels like a localization error otherwise.
    • Mix: Dry Ether Concoction - Restores 160 MP to a single party member.
    • Mix: Life Water - Applies Regen (20 HP/3 seconds) to all party members for 1 minute.
    • Mix: Antidote - Removes Poison Monberaux will not remove the effects of Poison Potion or other consumables like it.
    • Mix: Eye Drops - Removes Blindness.
    • Mix: Para-b-gone - Removes Paralysis.
    • Mix: Holy Water - Removes Curse.
    • Mix: Vaccine - Removes Plague.
    • Mix: Gold Needle - Removes Petrification.
    • Mix: Panacea-1 - Removes anything a Panacea can remove.
    • Mix: Insomniant - Negates Sleep. Monberaux only uses this on himself when hit with an attack that causes sleep.
    • Mix: Dark Potion - Deals 666 damage to a single enemy.
    • Mix: Final Elixir - Restores all HP/MP to party members. Used once per elixir donation. He will need a refill to use it again.[1]
  • Weapon Skills: none.
  • Spells: none.
  • Notes:
    • Except for the occasional application of Dark Potion, does not attack or cast spells.
    • Has a very short cooldown between uses of his healing and status-removal Mix abilities, making him the fastest trust at status-removal in the game.
    • Tends to be particular about which potions to use. Seems to favor healing for just the right amount of HP instead of defaulting to the highest-rank potion.
    • Seems to only use Elemental Power with an offensive caster in the group.
    • Uses Ethers when party members are ~50% MP.
    • Uses Life Water when multiple party members hit yellow HP.
    • Makes no effort to position himself relative to a foe.
    • Status-removal abilities become Area of Effect after donating gil for a limited time.[2]
    • Other Trust AI will interact with him as if he were a tank,[3] even though he doesn't really behave like one.


  • Summon: I am Doctor Monberaux. My services are available for any affliction.
  • Summon (1 dose of Final Elixir ready): I received a vial of a most valuable medicine. It should prove useful in times of emergency.
  • Summon (2 doses of Final Elixir ready): I received two vials of a most valuable medicine. They should prove useful in times of emergency.
  • When using Mix: Dragon Shield: Illness and injury know no boundaries!
  • Dismiss: .
  • Death: I cannot go on much longer...

It appears he doesn't say anything upon dismissal; only a single period is displayed.