Race Tarutaru
Job White Mage
Role Healer
Weapon Club and Shield
Spell Cost 0 MP
Magic Type Trust
Jobs All Jobs, Lv. 1
Casting Time 5 seconds
Recast Time 240 seconds
Obtained Trust: Windurst


  • Only casts during battle.
  • Casts Protectra and Shellra spells.
  • Casts Erase.
  • Casts Paralyze and Slow on enemies.
  • Priotizes immediate removal of status ailments, favoring herself first.
  • Important to note is that Kupipi can and will remove sleep status by casting Cure on a sleeping party member if she's the first one to wake up.
  • Uses no weapon skills except for Moonlight and Starlight.
  • Does not cast Haste or Dia spells.
  • Does not cast any self-enhancement spells (e.g., Stoneskin, Blink, etc.).
  • Once a target is engaged, she is immobile.
  • As with any other mage trust, if Kupipi is the first trust you cast she'll be closer to the enemy when you begin to melee, allowing her to melee as well. Use this strategy if you'd like Kupipi to physically attack the enemy in addition to casting WHM spells.
  • Be careful with Kupipi at lower levels, sometimes she chooses not to Cure.
  • Also Casts Flash


  • Summon: You can entrust e~verything to the meticulous Kupipi!
  • Summon (with Shantotto in the party): Doctor Shantotto is here? For better or worse, this'll be a day to remember-wember!
  • Summon (with Star Sibyl in the party): I-it's the Sta~r Sibyl! Please, bring peace to Windurst!
  • Dismiss: What a wo~nderful time I had!
  • Death: These tears...they sting-wing...
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