Trust Kukki
Race Tarutaru
Job Black Mage
Role Offensive Caster
Weapon None
Spell Cost 0 MP
Magic Type Trust
Jobs All Jobs, Lv. 1
Casting Time 5 seconds
Recast Time 240 seconds
Obtained Alter Ego Extravaganza (trade Cipher: Kukki to Gondebaud, Clarion Star, or Wetata)


  • Casts Elemental Magic single target Tier I-V spells, AoE Tier I-III ~ga and ~ja spells, and Elemental Debuffs
    • Uses magic spell bonuses based on Vana'diel day. (ex. If its Firesday, Kukki-Chebukki will cast fire-based spells.)
    • On Darksday, only casts Sleepga I-II
  • Conserves magic when enemy is low on HP by using lower tier magic spells.
  • Keeps his distance from the enemy.
  • Sometimes casts Meteor if Cherukiki and Makki-Chebukki are both present.
  • Often stands around inactive, doing little more than performing emotes. This may only happen if his siblings are present.Exclamation


  • Summon: Don't stop now--it's Kukki-Chebukki!
  • Summon (while Cherukiki is in the party): Cherukiki! Muahahahaha!
  • Summon (while Prishe is in the party): It's Prishe! Ruuuuuun!
  • Summon (while Tenzen is in the party): Why, look! Tenzen, back for more!
  • Summon (while Makki-Chebukki is in the party): Makki! Muahahahahaha!
  • Dismiss: Hey, hey! I said you couldn't do that!
  • Meteor: Tee!
  • Death: I won't let you off so time!

How to Obtain

Cannot be auctioned, traded, or bazaared, but can be delivered to a character on the same account.

Special Events

Alter Ego Extravaganzas

Price: 1000 Conquest Points (Alter Ego Extravaganza only)
Name Location Type
Varies Many locations Conquest Overseer

Note: The item is from the second page of "Common items (all ranks)."