Were you looking for Trust: Ingrid?

Job:White MageVerification Needed
Role:Melee Fighter
Magic Type:Trust
Casting Time:5 seconds
Recast Time:240 seconds
Obtained:Sinister Reign, Records of Eminence: Filled to Capacity


  • Information Needed
  • Has Undead Killer.
  • WSs: Inexorable Strike, Moonlight, Merciless Strike, Self-Aggrandizement as a self-cure, Ruthlessness (AOE HP Drain)
  • Will get Refresh from Trust: Koru-Moru.
  • Doesn't cast curative magic
  • May magic burst Light skillchains with Banish III


  • Summon: Sullied creatures of sin and guile, there won't be any ashes left when I'm done with you...
  • Dismiss: Thank you... I'll be going home now.
  • On Inexorable Strike: I'll break you apart!
  • Death: Information Needed
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