Gadalar Trust
Race Hume
Job Black Mage
Role Offensive Caster
Weapon Scythe
Spell Cost 0 MP
Magic Type Trust
Jobs All Jobs, Lv. 1
Casting Time 5 seconds
Recast Time 240 seconds
Obtained Embers of His Past



  • Summon: Get outta the way or get burned!
  • Summon (while Mihli Aliapoh is in the party): Mihli's here, too? Ugh, things're gonna get hairy.
  • Summon (while Najelith is in the party): Don't go off getting yourself knocked out again.
  • Summon (while Rughadjeen is in the party): Hmph. I can handle this on my own, Rughadjeen!
  • Summon (while Zazarg is in the party): Ohoh, Zazarg is here, too? Then let's let loose the fires of war!
  • Salamander Flame: Ash and smoking ruin! Writhe in the flames of vengeance!
  • Dismiss: Stop bumbling about and keep your nose to the grindstone!
  • Death: What a load of... How could they possibly defeat me!?

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