Trust Ajido-Marujido
Race Tarutaru
Job Black Mage / Red Mage
Role Offensive Caster
Weapon Mammet battle stance
Spell Cost 0 MP
Magic Type Trust
Jobs All Jobs, Lv. 1
Casting Time 5 seconds
Recast Time 240 seconds
Obtained Trust: Windurst


  • Obtained by talking with Apururu at Windurst Woods (H-9) after meeting all requirements.
  • Weapon Skills: None.
  • Spells: Dispel; Slow; single-target (up to Tier V) Elemental Magic nukes in rapid succession, with a focus on high-power nukes; up to Cure IV.
  • Notable:
    • Possesses the same auto-attack as the Mammet family: if the enemy is nearby, he shoots ranged invisible magic projectiles from his hand.
    • Nukes based on target's HP: lower HP = weaker spell.
    • Prioritizes Dispel.
    • Casts Cure spells up to Cure IV in emergencies (red HP).
    • Casts spell that's related to the Bard's Threnody (if wind, casts aero, if ice, casts blizzard, etc.)
    • Quickly depletes his MP, but becomes more conservative with spell tiers when the enemy's HP is low.
      • Outside of battle, he can be released and resummoned to restore all of his MP.
  • Per the December 10, 2015 update:
    • The attribute "Enhanced 'Cure' potency" has been added.
    • The attribute "Fast Cast" has been added.
    • The attribute "Magic Burst Bonus" has been added.
    • Elemental magic skill has been raised to A+.
    • Enfeebling magic skill has been raised to A+.
    • Healing magic skill has been raised to A+.


  • Summon: Come! Together we will discover the truthy-wuth!
  • Summon (with Koru-Moru in the party): What a coincidence to find... you here, Koru-Moru. I'd prefer-wer that we go our seperate ways...
  • Summon (with Shantotto in the party): D-Doctor Shantotto! I expectaru you know who's on whose side?
  • Summon (with Star Sibyl in the party): Oh, Star Sibyl! None are more devoted to you than Karaha-Baruha and myself.
  • Summon (with Semih Lafihna in the party): Semih Lafihna, I trust-wust you can handle things here if something happens to me.
  • Dismiss: Genius-wenius is never understood in its own time.
  • Death: I've...failed.

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