This is the third Ninja Artifact Armor quest - otherwise known as AF3.

Start NPC Ryoma - Norg (H-8)
Requirements Ninja 50+
Items Needed Kuftal Coffer Key
Title Granted Paragon of Ninja Excellence
Repeatable Yes, see Vingijard after AF is complete.
Reward Ninja Chainmail
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I'll Take the Big Box None


  • Ryoma in Norg sends you to Yhoator Jungle
    • It is not required to be Ninja to pick up this quest.
    • If you are eligible for the quest Bugi Soden you will be offered that quest instead.
      Speak with him again to receive True Will.
  • Examine the ??? at (I-7) to spawn 3 NM Sahagins:
Kappa Akuso (Monk) Uses Hundred Fists.
Kappa Biwa (Bard) Uses Soul Voice.
Kappa Bonze (White Mage) Uses Benediction.
  • Kappa Bonze may be slept with Lullaby, Sleep or Repose. Akuso and Biwa appear to be immune to the effect.
  • Only one Kappa needs to be defeated, one strategy for doing this is to run to the Den of Rancor zone, let the other two Kappas move back to the spawn point, and fight one Kappa at the zone. As with other fights using this strategy, you must wait for the other two Kappas to de-spawn before defeating the one you choose to fight.
  • When using this strategy, it is highly recommended that you do not choose Kappa Akuso as the one you fight. If you do choose to fight Kappa Akuso, fight near the Ifrit's Cauldron zone. Zone immediately after he uses Hundred Fists and wait 20 seconds. Zone back into Yhoator Jungle and fight him again.
  • Kappa Akuso is also susceptible to Bind and Gravity which may prove to be an easier technique for avoiding Hundred Fists.
  • You are unable to sneak pop these mobs.
  • When using this strategy, this fight is known soloable by most jobs at 75 given a solo-friendly job/subjob, and by some jobs at 60.
  • Take caution if Woodland Sage pops, it aggros up to level 99.

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Game Description

Ryoma (Quay, Norg)
The Sahagin have stolen Mitsunari's treasure and hid it somewhere in the Jungle on Elshimo Island. It is your job to find it.