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Troubleshooting: Controls

New to Final Fantasy? Want to know how to fully control your gaming experience and are tired of accidentally running face first into goblins?

Used to play Final Fantasy but you’ve either forgot the controls or using a new system. Or perhaps you are still playing but would like to know your options?

Some of the controls should be either inside your FFXI manual or on a sheet that came with the game.

Let’s start from the top.

Your System

Person Computer

Strange to the majority of MMORPG players is that Final Fantasy is generally played using only the keyboard controls. However they are easily adapted to and there are other options available to you such as using the mouse or a gamepad other than just creating macros.

To be able to interact with your surroundings on Final Fantasy you will first need to get to grips with and make full use of your characters motor controls and to an extent the menu system.

Keyboard Controls

Strange to the majority of PC MMORPG players is that Final Fantasy is generally played (on the PC) by use of the keyboard with little or no help from the mouse.

Basic movement

Using the number pad:

8 moves the character forward

You can only move in a forward direction or combine it with another key to move diagonal slightly – your character will never run backwards with the basic character controls.

2 moves the character back

Not backwards! The character will automatically turn around and begin running in a straight line towards the camera.

4 moves the character left

In a forward direction the character runs towards the left of the screen. By holding this key down you will find your character runs around in circles.

6 moves the character right

Again in a forward direction your character will run towards the right of the screen. By holding this key down you will also find your character runs around in circles (this never gets old).

7 auto-runs your character

Auto run is your character running forward in a straight line without you pressing any additional keys. All you need to do is hold down the forward key (8), press auto-run (7) and it will be activated. You can also control directional changes by pressing the other keys such as left (4) and right (6).

To cancel the auto run you only need to press 7 once more. You can also accidentally cancel the auto-run by making a harsh turn to the left or right or turning your camera angle to make it quick turn.

/ on the number pad

Makes your character move at a slower speed, the animation changes to show you are now walking instead of running. To return to running press the / key again.

Arrow keys

These change the camera angle in all directions. The directions are self explanatorily, for example left arrow rotates the camera left around your character.

If you engaged in a fight with a monster you will need to hold down the shift key in order to rotate the camera, but you will be limited to around 180 degrees behind your character. In a fight you cannot turn the camera to see your characters front.

Interaction controls

Other than simple movement your character needs to be able to interact with NPCs (Non-playable Characters) and PCs (Playable Characters – aka other players). NPCs can be friendly or hostile, so you will need them to activate quests or to defend yourself against them.

Using either the Tab Key or the 0 on the number pad

You can cycle through targets using these keys going from left to right and it starts with the closest target to the front of your character. Additionally if you hold down the Shift Key you cycle backwards through the targets (right to left).

Return key (Enter) and Enter on the number pad

Confirms a selection. If you have tabbed to a target and have pressed enter it then brings up a mini menu in the bottom left corner of your screen. You get a different set of options on different types of items to interact with. Such as a “???” or “!” target you get no options and just usually a line of text appears, an NPC you can talk with, a PC you can trade or cast friendly magic on or check and a hostile NPC you can select to Attack, cast magic on or check and these options also change when you engage in battle with the enemy.

To select one of the options on the menu you only need to click the return or enter key again.

The Return key is a confirm or “yes” key.

Escape (Esc) key

Cancels a selection, closes a menu or stops a conversation with an NPC. Generally used as a cancel or back button.

5 on the number pad

Changes the character view from third person to first person, and can restore it to third person as well. You will notice in this view you can look forward and run backwards (which gives the impression you are running backwards). This is not the case, you are simply looking through the back of your players head.

First person controls vary from third person. For example 4 and 6 no longer control left and right movement but they are now left and right rotation and you use 8 to move forward in those directions.

  • on the number pad has two functions

Function 1: Makes your character kneel, or sit (whatever animation your type of character has) and you will begin resting HP and MP back. It will not regenerate but instead will happen in ticks, so do not worry if you don’t think it is working – give it time. For example, _after_ 20 seconds you will instantly get 10 HP back – you will not get 10 HP back every 2 seconds for 20 seconds.

To cancel resting move in any direction, interact with anything or press the * key again. Any character interaction movement will cancel resting.

Function 2: While having anything targeted using the main (golden) arrow if you press * you lock-on to it. Your character will always be facing the locked on target similar to a battle but without your weapon drawn. The only methods for becoming unlocked from the target is by pressing * again or them walking out of range.

+ Key tabs through the menus. Such as chat logs, buffs/debuff details (cancelling debuffs can be done by tabbing to them with the + key, selecting the desired buff with the arrow keys then pressing Enter).

Shortcut keys

F1 key

Will always target your character.

F2, F3, F4, F5 and F6 keys

Target the other characters if they are playing in a party with you. For example F2 targets the second from the top. F6 Targets the last. If you want to target the top person you press F1, as you always appear at the top of the list to yourself.

F7 key

Is also a means of self-target.

<<<Check with manual>>>

F8 key

Targets objects, NPCs and PCs. Such as the auction house counter, a monster or a friendly NPC.

F9 key

Always targets the closest player in front of your character and does not cycle through targets.

F10 key




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