Start NPC Magian Moogle - Ru'Lude Gardens (H-5)
Requirements Level 75
Items Needed Cat's Claws - Trial 84 Reward
Reward Cat's Claws - Trial 85
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Trial 90


Defeat 75 experience-yielding Birds during Fire weather or on Fire's Day.

  • This trial is NOT limited to Bird family (Marsh Murre, Vulture, Crow, etc.) only but also includes the Roc family, Cockatrice type enemies, and even Giant Bats.
  • Meriphataud Mountains (S) is a good spot, just south of the Recall-Meriph telepoint is a small mountain with 4 spawns of Mountain Jubjub (2 on the north, 2 on the south) and many Axe Beak. The zone can have fire weather and the camp is easy to get to with Recall from a spell or teleport ring. 90PUP/42RNG with healer automaton and level 69 Fierce Attacker NPC (for 30 kills) killed 50 mobs in one Fireday with no fire weather.
  • Caedarva Mire around the Deadmist Marsh, just outside the north or east exits of Nashmau has a high spawn count of birds. Chigoes and the occasional Orderly Imp are the only aggressive mobs around. The west exit from Nashmau also has birds, and no aggressive enemies in the L-shaped path leading toward Hazhalm Testing Grounds.
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