Start NPC Magian Moogle - Ru'Lude Gardens (H-5)
Requirements Level 75
Items Needed File:Teiwaz.jpg
Repeatable Yes
Reward Teiwaz-841
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Trial 790 Trial 842Trans Ice

Trial 854Trans Earth

Trial 866Trans Water

Trial 878Trans Dark


Trial: Defeat a set number of experience-yielding monsters under the prescribed weather conditions, related elemental day DOES NOT COUNT.

Objective: 50 monsters of the Slime family.

Note: Members of the clot family DO NOT count towards your objective.

Weather: Trans Ice Trans Earth Trans Water Trans Dark

Equipment: Teiwaz must be equipped.

Optimum Location/Highest Probability of Weather:

Location: Dynamis - Jeuno Dynamis - Beaucedine - Constant Dark weather.

  • Was able to solo 10 slimes in 30min. Bliz5 took roughly 50% of their hp.
  • Just did this, there are 2 BSTs at the entrance of Dynamis - Jeuno if you're patient this can go faster than 30 minutes. Also my blizzard 5s would only take them down to about 50-60% never below 50 unless I got AF3 set bonus proc.

Location: Ranguemont Pass is by far the easiest place to get dark and ice weather. It's almost constantly one or the other there.

  • The Oil Slick are 7-9 (level sync from maybe 12-16 for easier fights, at 17 not all the Oil Slicks will yield xp). Also, the best place to camp this is at F-11 on the map. Another thing to keep in mind is that one of the Blade Bat in this tunnel is a placeholder for an Oil Slick, so it's best to kill all the bats in this hallway. However there are only 2 slimes in the zone making this a slow path (5 min repop timer).
  • There are also two slimes (Ooze) Lv. 28-30 in the large room at (F-8) and another one in the room just Southwest at (E-9). (Level Sync from 35-44 for easier fights). Repop time: 10 Minutes. Watch out for Gloom Eye that pops in the (F-8) room.

Alternative/Low Probability of Weather Locations:

Location: Caedarva Mire via Azouph Isle Staging Point, J-8: Pond with 3 Oil slicks.. fyi caution on elementals. Note that rain weather is common during in-game months 1-2 and 11-12, but almost never occurs during months 3-10.

Location: Caedarva Mire via Dvucca Isle Staging Point I-9: There is another pond here with two Oil Slicks that you can kill during Rain or Dark Weather. Rain seems to be most frequent.

Location: Caedarva Mire at (J-8) and (I-7) ponds. The Slimes are still easy prey at 99.

Location: Garlaige Citadel (S) at G-6 on the second map, 8 slimes, the weather in this zone is Trans Earth. Weather very infrequent.

Location: Pashhow Marshlands (S) at (L-7) and (K/L-10) seems to work. 2 slimes with five minute repop at each area.

Location: Ordelle's Caves with Level Sync around 30-40, the weather in this zone is Trans Water.

Location: Phomiuna Aqueducts with Level Sync around 50-60, the weather in this zone has a chance of Trans Dark.

Location Den of Rancor tons of slimes all over EP++ at 75. Water weather. F-10 is a good start. Weather infrequent.

Since September 2010 update, with appropriate weather condition, one monster killed count as five objectives fulfilled.

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