Start NPC Magian Moogle - Ru'Lude Gardens (H-5)
Requirements Level 75
Items Needed Teiwaz834
Reward Teiwaz838
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Trial 834 Trial 1700


Trial: Trade a set quantity of the assigned item to the Fay Spring.

Objective: 10 Bottled Pixies

Area: Grauberg (S)

Equipment: Can do on ANY job (does not need to be equipped)

Best Location to farm:

Meriphataud Mountains (S), Yagudo High Priest @ (I-8), just south of the crystal is a better spot. One High Priest spawns at the bottom of the pathway where you land on a Recall-Meriph. Basically no traveling required within the zone. 100% drop as well.
Goblin Field Doctor @ (G-6)
Meriphataud Mountains (S), Yagudo High Priest @ (L-8, K-8) North-westernmost corner behind a rock. There is a Yagudo High Priest that can be fought safely with no agro behind that rock. Always pops there.

Castle Oztroja @ (H-9) When you walk in the main room take an immediate right. The hallway/tunnel straight ahead is a safe place to fight a Yagudo High Priest that spawns nearby. Used this when above camp was being camped by others.

Castle Oztroja (S) If the Yagudo High Priest outside is being camped, note, there are 1 or 2 just inside the door of Castle Oztroja (S). Slightly higher level, but a job with sleep is recommended for links.

  • Note: Good idea to dispel the yag a few times to take of stoneskin, blink, shell, and protect. Made it easy to kill with 3 nukes on my BLM/RDM (SCH can work with Addendum: Black dispel with no need to rest and you can Aspir II for a nice chunk of mp. Nuke >> Stun >> Sleep method works best as the yag liked to Banish III, Holy, diaga II, dia or Banishga II when it woke up.

WHM/NIN with Recall-Merip and Recall-Pash is a quick option if you are soloing this trial. Just use the choco's at the recalls for quick kill and Fay Spring drop off.

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