Start NPC Magian Moogle - Ru'Lude Gardens (H-5)
Requirements Level 75
Items Needed Efunotachi
Reward Efunotachi Trans Ice+5 Trans Earth+5 Trans Water+5 Trans Dark+5
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Trial 658 Trial 685, Trial 691,

Trial 697, Trial 703


Defeat 50 experience-yielding monsters of the Scorpion family during Ice, Water, Earth, or Dark weather. Trial weapon must be equipped.

Area Options

  • Ifrit's Cauldron vs. Sulfur Scorpions. Try to pull a safe distance from bombs and/or Goblins.
  • Meriphataud Mountains (S) vs. Scolopendrids (solo) or Mountain Scolopendrids (party/alliance). Caution: These have Auto-Regain during Earth weather.
  • Crawler's Nest vs. Crawler Hunters. Patience is required as there are only 5 in the entire area. Beware of Aqrabuamelu, which will link by sound.
  • Attohwa Chasm vs. Cutlass & Tulwar Scorpions. Be wary of Undead while fighting at night.
  • Quicksand Caves vs. Girtab. Party recommended (unless you are a Galka) to open the Ornate Doors.
  • Western Altepa Desert vs. Tulwar Scorpions. You will have to force spawn some EP scorpions during downtime.
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