Start NPC Magian Moogle - Ru'Lude Gardens (H-5)
Requirements Level 75
Items Needed Efunotachi
Reward Efunotachi 659.PNG
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Trial 658 Trial 660(Resist Vs. Fire),Trial 666(Resist Vs. Wind), Trial 672 (Resist Vs. Lightning), Trial 678 (Resist Vs. Light)



Trial: Defeat a set numer of experience-yielding enemies under the set weather conditions.

Objective: 25 monsters of the opo-opo family
weather: Resist Vs. FireResist Vs. WindResist Vs. LightningResist Vs. Light
Efunotachi must be equipped and inscribed with [Trial 659] for the kill to count

Ifrit's Cauldron Old Opo-opo level 61-65 Possible Weather: Resist Vs. FireResist Vs. Fire , Resist Vs. WaterResist Vs. Water

Weather Trends by In-game Months

  • 6th Month - Water Common, Fire Very Rare
  • 7th Month - Water Uncommon, Fire Rare
  • 8th Month - Water Rare, Fire Uncommon
  • 9th Month - Water Very Rare, Fire Uncommon
  • 10th Month - Water Very Rare, Fire Rare

Peak Fire time seems to be latter half of 8th Month through 9th Month, and even then it was 2-3hrs between appearances, unlike water which tends to happen multiple times a day during its peak season. Fire Weather is also more common during the daylight hours while the sun is directly overhead, though fire has been rarely observed during night hours for a very short duration.

Temple of Uggalepih Temple Opo-opo level 51-54 *may be Too Weak, Level Sync might be needed. Possible weather: Resist Vs. FireResist Vs. Fire , Resist Vs. WaterResist Vs. Water

Den of Rancor Bullbeggar Level 78-80. Possible weather: Resist Vs. Fire,Resist Vs. Water

Note - The occurrence of weather in some zones varies with the "Seasons" in game. The Fire season in Ifrit's Cauldron would start about 5/6th month through 10/11th month (Late Spring, Summer, onto early Autumn) on the in game calendar. With fire weather occurring more often during these times.

Reference Time page for explanation and to figure out when in RL these seasons start. Know that not all zones go through a change of all 4 seasons, more likely there is a time frame where the Primary element for a zone Peaks during certain periods. Example: Fire weather zones are more common to have a Heatwave in the summer months of the in game calendar but wouldn't see a change of cold weather months other than a lessening of fire weather.

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