Start NPC Magian Moogle - Ru'Lude Gardens (H-5)
Requirements Level 75
Items Needed
Ffxi 2012.10.28 01.48.30
Reward Isatu
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Trial 580 Trial 587


Defeat 400 bird-type creatures where you gain exp.

Trade your Koruri (Attack +5) to the Magian Moogle in Ru'Lude Gardens to accept this quest.

He will give you back your, Koruri (Attack +5) now inscripted with Trial 586.Once you are finished killing the Mobs, trade the Koruri (Attack +5) back to the Magian Moogle and you will recieve your new katana, Isatu.

Everyone in party with quest started and have Koruri (Attack +5) equipped will receive credit for the kill as long as you are within xp range.

Best Location: Abyssea - Misareaux Flux - 4 around (H-9) Killing Frigatebird, easy to get an Exp party for this area can finish trial in an hour or two.

Good Location: Lesser Colibri in Wajaom Woodlands, near the leypoint, especially on Firesday or Windsday or during Wind weather due to people camping various magian trials.

Good Location: When wind weather is rare in Wajaom Woodlands you can always find a party in Abyssea - Misareaux killing the Colibri there. It's not uncommon to find 5-8 there to team up with and get well over 100 kills in a single game day.

Note: Just for info, even if you will mainly be alone during all the 3.950 killing to reach the OaT 2-3 stage of Katana level 85, Sword and Great-axe share ALL the same monsters to slay.

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