Start NPC Magian Moogle - Ru'Lude Gardens (H-5)
Requirements Level 80
Items Needed
← Previous Quest Next Quest →
Trial 1827 Trial 2664


400 Final Heaven killshots on Arcana Type.

After typing the paragraph below I figured out a better place to do this trial. If you have Sky access head to entrance 5 or 6 into Ve'Lugannon Palace and grab Page 5 of the GoV there. This page has you kill 7 Enkidu per page. They're pretty squishy @ lvl 99 with Spharai (80). This will give you access to some nice prowess to speed things up on your trial PLUS give you a shot at the new skill-up earring while you're there.

For me this trial means going to Sky Ru'Aun Gardens and doing Page 3 of the FoV taking out 11 Groundskeeper per page. This will result in the completion of nearly 37 pages before you finish this trial.

Abyssea - Altepa flux #8 will let you near the dolls for pages. If you prefer soloing then you can head East to the bombs area and kill those instead.

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