Start NPC Magian Moogle - Ru'Lude Gardens (H-5)
Requirements Level 75
Items Needed Teiwaz-1732
Reward Soma-1733
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Trial 1732 Trial 2207


Trial: Deal the finishing blow to a set number of experience-yielding monsters with the prescribed elemental attack.

Objective: 250 experience-yielding monsters of the Lizard family.

Attack: Trans Water Water damage of 250 points or greater

Equipment: Teiwaz must be equipped.

Optimum Location:

Kuftal Tunnel

  • Zone into the entrance from Altep there are about 6 or so lizards there(4 on the top where you enter), youll need to Buff up then go down the path to get the other two Cast low spell on one liz the rest will Link then JA, GA 3 them all Sleepga II then Ja again if need be. you'll be killing more per shot easily.



  • Zone into Mamook using Mamool Ja Staging Point walk to the west side of the map and look for 2 Mamool Mamool Ja Strapper (keep an eye out for Hundredfaced Hapool Ja truesite nm at bottom level). E-9 stand on South ledge against wall and rotate with Water IV-Water V-Flood II on both pets. Important you stand in middle of ledge to avoid aggro right and left. If you rest too close to the cliff, the buggard below may occasionally aggro. This seemed to be the fastest way to solo the lizard part. For more moving room take out the nearby Mamool Ja Bounder (BlizV & BlizIV double shots it), and camp at his ledge (pets tend to that side anyway) or even take out the Mamool Ja Zenist for its ledge (open with sleepga on it due to it being a nin mob). There is 1 more Mamool Ja Strapper at D-7 if you have mp enough to roam back and forth.--Endlesspath 07:01, February 16, 2011 (UTC)

  • Finishing blow may come from any prescribed elemental source in the party, including avatars.
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