Start NPC Magian Moogle - Ru'Lude Gardens (H-5)
Requirements Level 80
Items Needed Keitonotachi
Reward Trial1598
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Trial 1597 Trial 2138


Unleash Tachi: Kasha 500x times on experience-yielding monsters of the Vermin ecosystem.

Rewarded Augment: Damage +11 Tachi: Kasha DMG+10%

Notes: A great place to do this solo, as long as no one else is there, is in Vunkerl Inlet (S). To get to the camp, you'll want to teleport to Rolanberry Fields (S), then zone to Vunkerl at F-6, near the Cavernous Maw. There are 6 flies on a 5 minute repop timer, and they are all barely Easy Prey (58-60). (Chigoes in the area but they don't agro at lv. 80 unless you rest near them, rest on the ramp you came in on to avoid this) this camp is located at (I-11) in Vunkerl (can also take npc fellow on soothing healer helps a lot). This camp still works at 85. This camp still works at 90. The area in Rolanberry Fields (S) just before zoning also has flies which are Easy Prey at 90.

  • Suggested Location: Attohwa Chasm taking out Monarch Ogrefly , Tracker Antlion and Tulwar Scorpion . Plenty of mobs to choose from so this means non-stop fighting with no down time waiting for repops. Be careful not to link the Antlions as it may mean a KO. As SAM 85 I took on 2 Flies at a time without a problem. Watch out for the NM Sargas. It will not link with the other scorpions. Confirmed. ~ Esdain of Kujata
  • Another suggested location is Ifrit's Cauldron taking out Volcano Wasp. Other then the occasional final sting, very easy mobs, can get about 3 kasha each, no real aggro.... but a bit of running back and forth. Very rare competition other then firesday related magian trials.
  • Suggested Location: Abyssea - La Theine Fighting Plateau Glider (At flux 4 - near Carabosse pop. Pop on any triple attack atma and mounted champion if you have it. should be able to get 3-4 weaponskills out per monster.
  • Suggested Location: Abyssea - Tahrongi Fighting Canyon Scorpion (North of flux 3, endless amount of them, can get from 2-3, maybe 4 kasha's if you've got a good regain atma build. They are weak, have poor accuracy, and tp moves wont cause much harm. I used Mounted Champion for regen, Voracious Violet and Sea daughter for regain. Should be able to finish this trial within 2 hours, maybe an hour and a half. I find these much faster than the other mobs. ~ Godkefka

Side Note: Level sync WILL work as long as you keep your sync above lvl 70 or so, depending upon how many GK merits you have. Tachi: Kasha requires a GK skill of 250, so stay above that and you'll be fine.

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