Start NPC Magian Moogle - Ru'Lude Gardens (H-5)
Requirements Level 75
Items Needed Trial 127
Reward Trial 128
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Trial 127 Trial 1176


Defeat 200 monsters of the wyvern family under Earth weather or on Earthsday.

The easiest way to do this or even doing it solo is by doing the next steps:

  • Go to Riverne - Site #B01.
    • Wait for Earthsday or before it if you still away/far.
    • You can start at (I-9), there is 5 Ignidrake (which check easy prey to lv 90) so you can get a Giant Scale from these too.
    • You'll need 1 Giant Scale to pass an Unstable Displacement in the way.
    • Go north to (I-8) then pass areas to (E-7).
    • Then start farming 6 Ignidrake and 1 Ignidrake at(E-8) the way to Monarch Linn entrance.
    • Go back to (I-9) Ignidrakes should be already respawned and farm again.
    • It's possible to do 4 loops maximum with fast kills.(which can yield you up to 48 kills)
  • You can also head to Gustav Tunnel, there are 9 Wyverns to pummel and have a chance for weather.
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