Start NPC Magian Moogle - Ru'Lude Gardens (H-5)
Requirements Level 75
Items Needed Trial 200 Reward
Reward Trial 1228 Reward
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Trial 200 Trial 1229

Augment: Damage +14, Delay -10, VIT+4, Phys. dmg. taken -5%


Defeat 200 EP+ monsters of the Lizard type during Earth Weather or on Earthday.
-Depending on the conditons and weather, kill counts per Lizard slain, will vary. Earthsday will have 1 for 1 count, Duststorm will have a 1 for 5 count, and Sandstorm (Double earth element) will have a 1 for 6 count.

  • Kuftal Tunnel seems to be the best spot for this trial. There are several Sand Lizards in the area in addition to a large number of Deinonychi which can be found in the basement.
    • A group of 5 can net roughly 60 kills/day, a full alliance can kill over 100 per day.
    • An alliance of 8 members can kill over 125 lizards per day, including distractions such as Yowie and Arachne.
  • Other options would be Attohwa Chasm and Quicksand Caves for Earth weather.
    • Inside the maze at F-9 of Attohwa Chasm is a great place to find lots of lizards. The weather is a definite bonus, and you can kill almost as quickly here on Earthday as you can in Kuftal Tunnel.
      • It should be noted that earth weather rarely appears between the last half of March and the beginning of September. See Weather - Possible Weather Conditions by Area [1] for weather frequency.
    • Sand Lizards can be found beyond the Western Altepa Desert D-10 entrance to Quicksand Caves. You will need to open the weighted doors to get to all of them. Each door has a lizard behind it in an aggro safe area, (but there is aggro in each room and aggro in the area containing the door switch) and can be pulled through the door if you can't open them. PLEASE NOTE: You cannot access entrance at D-10 from D-10. You need to go to entrance at D-12 (#4) from the hidden tunnel at the south tip by C/D-11. Right in this entrance there are 3 spawns; easy pickings. Beyond them are the weighted doors that were spoken of. Entrance at D-10 is basically an exit only because of the drop. A Loadstone is helpful if doing this solo.
  • Uleguerand Range is a solid choice, with a decent number of raptors to kill in a relatively small area if you go on Earthsday. Killing as many as 60 in a single day solo can be done with ease and this can be increased in a group by at least a small amount.
  • Cape Teriggan is pretty much the agreed on spot to do this. Good chance to find a pt to team up with out there.
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